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Another Brother from Port Shepstone revealing more facts pertaining to the shenanigans of the trustees, writes:

Assalamu Alaikum

11th Rajab 1442 (23rd February 2021)


Respected Mufti Sahib.


In conjunction with my earlier mail in reply to the misguided diatribe by Mr Motala a simple investigation into the purported "misdemeaor"  by our respected Mufti Sahib would have negated the fallacy of both his and the top brass in the trustees. At the end of the day what was the "CRIME". Was it because he did not fulfill his  duties as an Imaam? Or was it that the Mufti refused to toe the line of request made that lay against the principles laid in the Shariah which is sacrosanct.


In fact instead of being appreciated he (mufti) was degraded mercilessly in the public domain. This aggravation is a monumental abberation that will be answerable on the DAY of JUSTICE. Lets examine the salient facts  before being hauled in a private home and in a three minute one sided slingshot "talaaq" in the form of for "technical" reason you are dismissed. As if that was not a knife in the solar plexus the coup de grah. "There will be no further discussion on tbe matter" Wow the leaders have spoken. SHAME. Did the trustees do their homework. Mufti Sahib as work related did what his duties were except leading the congregation in salaah. WHY???


Simple explanation. A few months back Mufti had a medical condition that required surgery. He was operated on and spent a couple of days in hospital. The ensuing days the recovery period did not go smoothly and had to make several visits to a doctor with no avail. This monday Mufti Sahib once more entered hospital for " corrective surgery" which was done at 10 am yesterday.


Mufti is still recovering.The bottom line in this sad saga is in two fronts. Mufti could not perform as Imaam simply because the wound still bled and secondly he assured of a replacement. If the erudite trustees asked for medical reports they would have gleaned that the Mufti was within his employment rights for medical attention. Even at this juncture the medical reports can be verified. It brings to mind a succinct saying. "Man is the chief architect  of his own destruction" No one destroys him EXCEPT in this case the trustees and Mr Motala in their cranium the grey matter took a wrong turn and fired a salvo without due process of the facts.


This town cannot afford a division and requires statesmaship to redress this monumental error. Wallahi or else a BLEAK Ramadhaan looms.  It is akin to be flung into a pit of quicksand and slowly but surely you sink into quagmire and stare oblivion in the face but ones inner strength calls out ""Allah help me" an unseen hand slowly extricates you from certain doom and lands you on terra ferma and you fall into sajdah and the words "Allah forgive me, We Erred". Allah hu Akbar.


Mufti Sahib. It was too late for firoun when the waters closed on him but for us the ummah, Allah awaits.


At the end of the day it is not difficult to understand why the two trustees with agenda called muftis tenure to a halt. At an educated guess felt that by holding two jobs they felt that mufti is not in a position of giving 100% as the Imaam. If my guess is correct then why not did the two trustees be honest in the reason for this dramatic dismissal instead of "hiding" behind the word technical reason and call a spade a spade.


With sincerity your servant of Allah


Yusuf Moosa Desai

(End of letter)

12 Rajab 1442 – 24 February 2021


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