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Commenting rather flaccidly on the Bid’ah of Bukhari Khatam merrymaking haraam jalsahs (functions), Taqi Sahib said on 12 March at such a Bid’ah khatam function in Pakistan:

Now since there is very little time, I shall therefore, Insha Allah, according to the directive, recite the last Baab of Bukhari Shareef Insha Allah, and my dear students have submitted that I give them ijaazat of Hadith. Insha Allah I shall do that as well.

However, before that I wish to submit (guzaarish) something. The guzaarish is that for some time now the ceremonies of Bukhari Shareef that have started in every street, every neighbourhood, every Madrasah; in such a way that I fear that these are going in the direction of Bid’at. This is also becoming an Urs. And I am the culprit behind it. For perhaps I was the first; upon Hazrat Maulana Nazeer Ahmed Saheb telling me in Faisalabad’s Jaamia Imdaadiyah Khatme-e-Bukhari. I attended and for several years I would attend.

At that time this thing was not so widespread. But now for Khatm-e-Bukhari elaborate invitations are printed and handed out; notices are put up and then people are invited; and then someone is called from out of town; an extravagant gathering (ijtima) is enacted. My heartfelt appeal is that this should be reviewed.

This is a place [the Madrasah] where Bid’aat are uprooted. They are uprooted or not? So, if from here, if the end of this Bid’at is announced then it will be much appreciated. Or I don’t say that it is a Bid’at, but it will become (a Bida’t), if such importance is attached to it. Is it not so, O Maulana Abdul Ghaffaar Saheb? (Jee, Jee)

For this reason, it is my appeal that you reconsider. There were Khatm-e-e-Bukharis in Darul Uloom Deoband as well. There were also by Hazrat Shaikhul Hind (Rahmatullahi alaih); also by Hazrat Shah Anwar Shah Saheb Kashmiri (Rahmatullahi alaih) also by Hazrat Maulana Madani (Rahmatullahi alaih). Did you ever here that those illustrious personalities organized a Huge Jalsah for Khatm-e-Buhakri?!

Since some things initially seem appealing, however, later when it is incumbently carried out, and if any Madrasah does not have it then it is looked upon as strange. “They did not even have a Bukhari Khatm!”. So, this Iltizaam Maa Laa Yalzam (making incumbent that which is not incumbent) is in fact the beginning of Bid’aat.

So my request to all my brothers and friends; Maulana Abdul Ghaffaar is sitting; Maulana Zahoor Ali’s son is sitting; my request to all of them is, and I shall, Insha Allah also send this message out, that in future do not allow this to become a Bid’at. If there is dastaarbandi then let it be. However, the Saheeh Bukhari Khatm with the title Saheeh Bukhari Jalsah which are now taking place, I understand that we should desist from it. (Emphasis added)

(End of Taqi Sahib’s comments)

Decades ago The Majlis had criticized this Bid’ah function which the Madaaris organize purely for nafsaani and worldly objectives. Hubb-e-Maal (Love for money) and Hubb-e-Jaah (Love for cheap name and silly fame) constitute the driving force behind all these jalsahs without any exception.

Taqi Sahib is part and parcel of the Bid’ah cartel. For years has he participated in these evil functions without executing the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. In fact, he is guilty of participating flagrantly in worse functions – functions of fisq and fujoor. Bootlicking the Pakistani kufr government, Taqi Sahib along with all his Madrasah students participated in the haraam independence day celebrations and merry making where a variety of immoralities are perpetrated.

Taqi Sahib is the prime culprit and criminal in the haraam legalization of pictography with his stupid ‘digital picture argument which is bereft of Shar’i substance.

In South Africa, the Ulama of the Darul Ulooms   dishonestly and deceptively aligning themselves  with Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh), are in the forefront organizing the satanically extravagant, merrymaking Bukhaari Jalsahs where their  primary  activities are to eat, excrete and make merry, all in the name of the Deen. These Ulama should hang their heads in shame. They teach Bukhaari Shareef and other Hadith Kutub, and they should be well aware of Islaami Akhlaaq, yet they harden their hearts, push out from their minds the suffering of millions of Muslim refugees and others in order to make merry, eat and excrete in the name of Bukhaari Shareef.

They should close down their Darul Ulooms, flee into the wilderness and lament their abject state of moral degradation.

It will be interesting to see what their reaction will be to Taqi Sahib’s call to abandon these Bid’ah functions. When it suits their vain desires, they take Taqi Sahib for their guru due to his liberalism – haraam liberalism. We trust that they shall follow his advice and abandon all these haraam, bid’ah merrymaking functions. Even their Seerat jalsahs are deceptions and bid’ah organized in the name of the Deen for worldly and nafsaani purposes. And, this attitude is among the Signs of Qiyaamah.  In this regard, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Deen will be acquired for purposes other than the Deen.”

Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (Radhiyallahu anhu) narrated: “The dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Aakhirat.” That is: the Deen will be used to camouflage their dishonest motives for which they design their ‘deeni’ stunts.

5 Sha’baan 1442 – 19 March 2021


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