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“Soon shall the zaalimoon come to know the abode where unto they will return.”

(Ash-Shu’raa, Aayat 227)



With justified indignation have Brothers written to us to lament the Wifaaq’s blithe disregard for the Shariah with its programme inviting the emergence and participation of ladies. Among the complaints we have received, is the following letter:

Assalaamoalaikum mufti


What is the Fatwa pertaining to having separate ladies facilities for special programmes in public? Wifaqul Ulama South Africa recently had a special programme for Maktab teachers. I observed two discrepancies in their poster:

(1) ‘Separate accomodation for ladies’. If separate accomodation for ladies is acceptable for a Maktab programme, then by the same token modernist women and zindeeqahs may argue that the Masaajid could have separate facilities for ladies.

(2) The venue was Khanqah Zakariyya in Lenasia. I find this venue questionable because everyone who attended the year end jalsahs cannot deny that it’s more like a fashion parade at the Khanqah. By choosing this venue, they are promoting the girls Darul Ulooms which are also another big Fitnah. I have read Jamiatnc book against the KMSZ souk which clearly explains the Shaytaaniyyat of these ‘Khanqah Zakariyya’ people in Lenz.

Despite these things which came to my mind, I don’t understand how Wifaqul Ulama could have such a programme at such a venue and then even have ladies facilities. Please explain to me if I am correct.


(End of letter)

When Wifaaqul Ulama was formed recently, there had appeared a glimmer of light in the spiritual darkness and moral decadence in which the Muslim community is sinking deeper by the day. However, it now appears that the little hope we and others had regarding the Wifaaq was ill-founded. Instead of upholding the Sunnah and combating baatil by means of genuine Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar, it has now become quite clear that the Wifaaq is degenerating swiftly into a cesspool of spiritual inequity wherein it will perish by means of self-immolation.

Its logo: “ASPIRING TO PRESERVE THE ESSENCE OF THE SUNNAH”, to say the least, is a flight of fancy devoid of Sunnah substance. In fact it is farcical in that Wifaaq’s obsession with women – drawing them into the public arena – is in violent conflict with the fundamental ethos of the Sunnah. And, besides the ethos, it is in diametric conflict with the Ahkaam of Hijaab as promulgated by the Fuqaha of the Zaahir Shariah, leave alone the Baatini dimension. It is in consonance with the ethos of modernism espoused by the zanaadiqah whom Wifaaq is now emulating.

What is the relationship between Khurooj-e-Nisaa (Emergence of Women) and the Sunnah? Are the Wifaaq Ulama who are in charge of Darul Ulooms and who are supposed to understand the zaahir and some baatin of the Ahaadith they teach, abandoning the Minhaaj of the Akaabir of Deoband whom they purport to be following?

From their call on women to participate in a function in the public arena, it transpires that they have joined the modernists who are calling for women to attend the Musaajid and Eidgahs. There is no rationality in maintaining that women are not allowed in the Musaajid but are allowed   in functions which have absolutely no origin in the Sunnah.

How did Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha), Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) and the general body of the Sahaabah understand the purport of the Sunnah when they forbade women from the Musjid despite its initial permissibility during the time of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)? What has induced the Wifaaq to gravitate towards the ‘sunnah’ of the modernist zanaadiqah and the women’s lib. movement?

In fact, the ‘teaching’ programme for even male teachers was a nonsensical display. Such programmes are being emulated from modernists who have no truck with the Sunnah. Sunnah Aspiration demands reversion to the Ghaar-e-Hira Sunnah and ethos, not to the confounded ways and methods of fussaaq and fujjaar.

Teaching expertise – teaching the Qur’aan and the branches associated with it-cannot be acquired by organizing stupid pass-time programmes which are essentially get-together merrymaking functions in total conflict with the Maqaasid of the Shariah – zaahiran and baatinan. With these confounded modernist methods the Ulama are falling from the sublime to the ridiculous.

It is our supplication that Allah Ta’ala guides the Ulama who are increasingly taking on to the ways of miscreants. From the direction Wifaaq is  following  the feeling is conveyed that this  new Ulama body was not formed  in the spirit of Sunnah altruism as it is advertising, but has been established  for  dubious nafsaani  goals, hence the Wifaaq is scandalously mute regarding the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar.

We hope that Wifaaqul Ulama will not collapse along the wayside to be added to the conglomerate of junk organizations which mushroom up only to fade away into despicable effluvium of baatil.

19 Sha’baan 1442 – 2 April 2021


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