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Especially during the month of Ramadhaan, we are inundated with collectors, local and foreign, soliciting funds for their projects. What should be our attitude? Please comment with advice.


It has always been our principle which we have applied to ourselves, namely, we are averse to Ulama going around to collect funds. Our belief which is the belief and practice of our Akaabir Ulama is that the Ulama should work within the means which are honourably available to them, and that they should not go from place to place, person to person soliciting funds. Such solicitation denigrates the honour of the Knowledge of the Deen as well as the honour of the Aalim. It is dishonourable.


It is necessary for the Ulama to adopt Tawakkul. They should only inform the community of their work, and sit back at home or in their Madrasah. If Allah Ta’ala wills the work to progress, He will inspire the hearts of Muslims to come forward and contribute. This is the way in which we sustain our Deeni projects. We never once in the past 60 years of our Deeni activities sent around collectors. If Allah Ta’ala does not will progress for the work, it will come to a halt. If it does come to a halt, the person in charge does not lose anything. He should simply resign himself to Allah’s decree.


This has always been our advice to all Ulama. But, alas! The Ulama nowadays have diverted their gaze from Allah Ta’ala. They are extremely deficient in Tawakkul, hence they cast avaricious eyes at the wealthy. They conduct themselves dishonourably with cap in hand, entirely oblivious of the disgrace they bring upon themselves and their Deeni projects. The Deen and its projects are not dependent on our efforts nor on the wealth of the rich. When Allah Ta’ala desires a Deeni project to prosper, He creates the means and the circumstances for it to flourish.


The despicable conduct of collectors, the vast majority being bogus, has created scorn in the hearts of the wealthy for the people of Ilm. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “It is not permissible for a Mu’min to bring disgrace on himself.”

If funds are not available for a contemplated project, one loses nothing for one’s inability to accomplish the desired project. In fact, one will be relieved of the considerable headaches with which projects are accompanied. One will have greater peace of mind if one is not involved in projects. The primary and the foremost project of every person is his family – wife and children, whose ta’leem and tarbiyat are his obligations.


If the funds come honourably without active solicitation and without running after the wealthy with cap in hand, then it will be the effect of Allah’s decree. While considerable funds are required for the Deeni projects in which we are involved, Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) has put it beautifully:



“There is a need for money, but taking it dishonourably is not tolerable.”


Even for necessary and worthy Deeni Projects, it is highly improper for Ulama to go from shop to shop, door to door, with cap in hand, bringing disgrace to themselves and to the Ilm of the Deen. These Ulama should remain at home and work within the means which Allah Ta’ala provides honourably.




We are inundated with enquiries regarding the bonafides of a variety of collectors and fund-raisers roaming around, especially during Ramadhaan. We have in the past clarified our stance in this regard. We reiterate that we do not support any body collecting funds in this despicable manner of going from shop to shop with cap in hands. We urge the respected Molvi Saahibs to exercise restraint and to do their Deeni works without pressure, that is, do not do more than the funds which come your way honourable. There is no barkat in roaming the streets collecting funds. It is disgraceful.  Was-salaam

25 Sha’baan 1442 – 8 April 2021


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