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Please comment on the MJC’s Taraweeh guidelines. Many rules appear extremely weird, such rules which we have never heard of. Please comment in detail on all the masaail stated by the MJC in its latest circular.


 There is no need for detailed comment. If, for example, the ANC or any other kuffaar entity proffers guidelines for Taraaweeh or for any other Deeni activity, the only Muslim response will be to reject such interference in our Deen. The MJC is no different. It is a conglomerate of zanaadaqah, munaafiqeen and murtaddeen.

Whatever they say or offer, summarily reject it even if there is any basis for it. This miserable cartel of carrion halaalizers specializes in only fisq, fujoor and kufr.

Their guidelines should be summarily rejected. Those who follow this gang of shayaateen do so at the peril of eliminating their Imaan.     

27 Sha’baan 1442 – 10 April 2021


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