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Mistaking the planet venus for the hilaal is untenable nonsense in terms of the Shariah. The Shariah has its own  Ahkaam, and is not fettered to the  views of astronomers, doctors and zanadaqah who come in a variety of hues.

According to the Shariah the only criterion for confirming the ending and commencement of Islamic months is physical  sighting of the hilaal reported by Aadil (uprighteous/pious) witnesses. Besides this  fact, there is absolutely no other measure for confirming  the sighting of the hilaal.

If Aadil Witnesses report that they have sighted the hilaal, and if  this is countered by the whole world full of astronomers who claim that  it was the planet Venus which was sighted, not the hilaal, then the word of all the astronomers will  be rejected. The hilaal will be confirmed and the new month declared.

It is most lamentable that  even Ulama become awed by the drivel disgorged by astronomers who in terms of the Shariah are morons for talking  a ballyhoo of baloney and bunkum. They are plain stupid  for proffering  ideas which are bound to clash with the Shariah.  Even if the astronomers say that it was Venus, we shall accept the validity of the sighting if confirmed by Aadil witnesses.

23 Ramadhaan 1442 -- 6 May 2021


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