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Commenting on the vaccine fatwa issued by Zambia’s Darul Iftaa Mahmuddiyah, a Brother from Zambia states:


“A Darul ifta in Lusaka has issued the fatwa (of permissibility of the devil’s potion –The Majlis) after the vaccine was brought in the country this month. Whilst the majority of the sceptical local Zambians have turned out in very low numbers, Indians, hindus and Muslims alike and whites have rushed forward for the vaccine.


Even though they admit the process of vaccine manufacture as "unethical", rather than advising caution and abstention, they venture ahead to declare permissibility.


Far from "discomfort", even though some have not experienced any side effects, many Muslims who have taken the vaccine, have complained of severe fever and chills amongst other symptoms.


Whilst many Muslims in Zambia have reservations about the vaccine, those convinced and misled by the dajjali media machines are not prepared to accept any fatwa of prohibition.


Sidelining the substantial credible research and opinions of experts in the medical field who have voiced out their opposition against the vaccines, the basis of permissibility appears flimsy.


The fatwa of the Darul Ifta raise questions on its credibility to guide and direct the Muslims of Zambia. Kindly comment.”

(End of the baatil fatwa)


This fatwa as well as similar stupid fatwas Wifaqul Ulama UK, Islamic Da’wah Academy UK, Islamic Portal UK, Darul Ifta Malawi, etc. are utterly devoid of Shar’i substance. Such stupid fatwas are designed to appease governments and the Bill Gates cartel of shayaateen.


Our latest rebuttal of the moronic fatwa of the Pakistani Wifaqul Madaaris adequately answers all the haraam drivel of these bootlicking molvis and muftis.

27 Ramadhaan 1442 – 10 May 2021


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