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Munaafiqeen are a shameless breed of vermin. The NNB (No Name Brand jamiat of Fordsburg) and bogus uucsa were the forerunners in the shaitaani campaign to close the Musaajid even before the government had imposed the ban. These miserable enemies of Islam went further and begged the kuffaar court to retain the ban on the Musaajid. Their aversion for the Houses of Allah Azza Wa Jal, constrained them to label the Musaajid: “the worst spreaders of the covid disease’.

While Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that “Allah Ta’ala diverts disease / calamity / punishment from the Musaajid”, the NNB, UUCSA and MJC munaafiqeen were promoting the kufr idea of the Musaajid being the worst offenders in spreading the disease.

Now, currently, the NNB, masquerading as JUSA, has closed the Eidgah which these munaafiqeen were controlling. Despite having closed the Eidgah and not allowing Eid Salaat, these miserable enemies of Allah Ta’ala are now like sewer rats appealing for money to maintain the empty Eidgah ground which is invoking Allah’s La’nat on them.


They are begging the community to pay the R5,200 monthly rental for the vacant ground which stands as a Witness to the kufr shenanigans of Reverend Abraham Bham and his cartel of munaafiqs.  They have cancelled Eid Salaat at  the Eidgah but are begging for a hundred donors, each to contribute R50 to cover one month’s rent for the vacant land which will testify on the Day of Qiyaamah against these hoodlum munaafiqs of NNB-UUCSA – they will bear  testimony that these munaafiqeen had banned  Salaat – they had closed the Musaajid – they had closed the Eidgah – they had cancelled the Eidgah – they had banned Jamaat Salaat – they had prohibited Jumuah Salaat, but the shayaateen are begging for money in the name of these very Houses of Allah Ta’ala.


It is haraam to contribute funds to these traitors who have most treacherously betrayed Allah Ta’ala, the Rasool (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Ummah. They are in fact part of the Yahood plot to dig up the foundations of Islam.  They operate from within the folds of the community.


Muslims are required to apply their intelligence and their conscience to understand exactly who these NNB enemies of the Deen are.



The closure of the Eidgah by the NNB munaafiq outfit does not cancel the Eid Salaat. Muslims should organize their own venues – multiple venues – for performing Eid Salaat. The minimum number of musallis required for the validity of the Eid Salaat according to the Hanafi Math-hab is Four adult males. One shall be the Imaam.


Perform Eid Salaat all over the show.  Your suburb should be dotted with small ‘Eidgahs’. In fact, in view of the satanic onslaught against the Deen and the  grave circumstances we find ourselves in, and the  threat and conspiracy against Islam from within the community, it will also be permissible for Hanafis to adopt the Shaafi’ mas’alah and perform Eid Salaat individually at home if it is not possible to muster four musallis for acquittal in terms of the Hanafi Math-hab.


According to the Shaafi’ Math-hab, two raka’ts may be performed at home. If circumstances constrain, then adopt the Shaafi’ method. Do not totally abandon Eid Salaat as the NNB munaafiqeen with their leader reverend Abraham Bham desire. Do not be deceived by the outer ‘religious’ façade of these enemies of Islam.

They are after the boodle. Do not contribute even a rand. The one who contributes towards NNB projects will be aiding the munaafiq cartel in the demolition of Islam.

30 Ramadhaan 1442 – 13 May 2021


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