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In countries and places, especially such as UK and Mauritius, where the Devil’s reign preponderates, when Eid Salaat is not allowed or if Hanafis are unable to muster the minimum number of four Musallis, the Eid Salaat should not be abandoned. Hanafis should adopt the Shaafi’ method in such places where they are unable to perform Eid Salaat according to the Hanafi Math-hab.

According to the Shaafi’ Math-hab Eid Salaat is Sunnatul Muakkadah for even individuals and for females. Two Raka’ts Eid Salaat may be performed individually at home. There is no khutbah for Eid Salaat performed by the individual.

In the first raka’t after Thanah, seven Takbir should be recited. In the second raka’t before the Qiraa’t, there are five Takbir.

Between every two Takbir should be recited silently:

Subhaanallaah wal hamdulillahi walaa ilaha il lallahu wallaahu Akbar.

The Qiraa’t should be bil jahr, i.e. audibly. If the Eid Salaat is missed for some reason, e.g. time has expired, then qadha is valid according to the Shaafi’ Math-hab.  However, for Hanafis there is no Qadha.

Never join a congregation where devil’s distance, devil’s niqaab and other kufr protocols are enforced. Instead of performing Salaat in a Musjid which has been transformed into a weird temple, perform Salaat at home.

Today, in this era in close proximity to Qiyaamah, the worst scum under the canopy of the sky are the molvis and sheikhs who have abolished the ahkaam of the Shariah. They enforce the protocols of Iblees and the atheists in Musaajid under their control. They are worse than even khanaazeer. They are the worst breed of munaafiqeen.


1)      Salaat behind an Iblees donning the niqaab (mask) of the devil is not valid.


2)      Salaat performed with devil’s distancing is not valid.

3) A plague/epidemic does not create the slightest change in any of the ahkaam (rules) of the Shariah.  Ibaadat during a plague must compulsorily be executed correctly in strict accord with the Sunnah.

4) There are only two reasons for a plague according to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). A plague is either Athaab (Allah’s Punishment) for the kuffaar and fussaaq, or it is Shahaadat and a Rahmat for the Mu’mineen. There is no third reason.

5) Never fear the bogeys created by the atheists and lapped up mythe munaafiqeen. Maut (Death) comes only at its appointed time, not a minute earlier, not a minute later. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“No person will die except with the permission
of Allah at the appointed time.”

It is kufr to believe that any measure introduced by the atheists can combat and thwart Maut. This type of kufr is ingrained in most doctors.  Shaitaan has convinced them of their hallucinatory ability of thwarting Malakul Maut and prolonging life with the kufr protocols and measures of the atheists.

4 Shawwaal 1442 – 17 May 2021


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