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The so-called ‘mufti’ Ebrahim Smit of Cape Town, in his fight with Maulana Igsaan Abrahams of Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape, being bereft of truth, deemed it appropriate to introduce in his fray alleged marital issues between Maulana Igsaan and his wife. Since Abraham Smit had considered it honourable to introduce Maulana Igsaan’s wife into the public domain, she responds with the following letter to The Majlis:


To The Majlis,    Assalaamu Alaykum.


Mufti Saheb,  Hope Mufti is in the best of health


I am Adeeba Abrahams, Wife of Moulana Igsaan Abrahams of Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape.


It is with great disappointment that i am writing this letter to you, asking these types of questions. I am thinking and I am certain the public is thinking the same thing and we need guidance!


Being the wife of Moulana Igsaan, my name was used in public, published articles and voice recordings, all of which were out of context by a Mufti in Cape Town named Ebrahim Smith.  (This  fellow is not a Mufti in terms of the Shariah. Perhaps he has some scrap of paper which portrays him as a Mufti.---The Majlis)


1) Is this allowed in Islam? Perhaps the Mufti has some Islamic justification! (Yes, his justification is gratification of his nafs. His stupid outpouring testifies for this.- The Majlis)


Just yesterday I was listening to a voicenote of the ‘iftaar’ party and his statement of speaking the truth on the mimbar of Schaapkraal. And I thought, wow!, this man dont care about the MJC. Maybe he is  of the Ulama ul Haq. (Along the  journey from P.E. to Johannesburg in the car we also had  occasion to listen to his critique of the MJC munaafiqeen and the haraam, merrymaking so-called ‘iftaar’ party which the MJC shayaateen had  organized for the president. Without the slightest hesitation we must say that we were very much impressed by the  bold, forthright  proclamation of the Haqq by the speaker. It is indeed difficult to believe and understand that  a deviate such as Ebrahim Smit proclaiming the Haqq so boldly. We still make dua that Allah Ta’ala guides him and  uses him for the Deen.  The talk had  genuinely attracted us to him. But when  we read of  the absolute drivel which he had disgorged in a stupid bid to protect bogus collectors, our respect and inclination towards him evaporated. There is some nafsaaniyat which underlies his bold  proclamation of the Haqq against the MJC ghutha (RUBBISH).---The Majlis)


But then today I got to hear a voicenote about me which  actually is slander - about matters which he should never have known. This is when I realised that this is all a trick and his animosity towards my husband portrays the real him. (Yes, there appears to be a  hidden trick. Regarding the slander  against you, we shall deal with it later in this article, Insha-Allah.- The Majlis)


He lies about me running down the road and my husband wanting to fight with me in the road. I heard the same story of a moulana -the same moulana who became a Mufti was the one who chased his wife down the road. This is the second incident like this. So this cannot be a mistake.  (This slanderous lie is in fact unforgiveable. Slandering a chaste Mu’minah warrants 80 lashes. – The Majlis)


In his voicenote statement it stated he didn’t want to get involved yet now he sees it fit to involve himself making my private matters public. His conduct is really deplorable. (Absolutely disgusting –The Majlis)


2) Are Muftis not supposed to be men of honour, protecting the honour of women?

(A man who parades himself as a Mufti slandering an innocent chaste Mu’minah can never be a man of honour. He still has not  managed to shed himself of his ganster  tendencies. –The Majlis)

He is so desperate to get back at Moulana Igsaan that he is prepared  to carry  lies about me so as to win this fight. (Malice blinds a man and  stunts his intelligence.  The brain is jarred out of equilibrium, hence he sought to vindicate himself by slandering Maulana Igsaan’s wife. – The Majlis)


3) With regards to the Welfare Organisation in Mitchells Plain, they are not supposed to refer the matter   to anyone else without my conscent. And they said the organisation to be referred to was the MJC.  (The organization is guilty of breach of  trust. Their conduct too is deplorable and  testifies to their untrustworthiness. It is a heinous crime and sin to divulge issues of Amaanat. –The Majlis)


If I wanted to, we could have gone to any of the organisations I had confidence in.  The objective was a Talaaq certificate. We needed a talaaq certificate for legal purposes for the house we have and the Moulana who worked there was no longer there and we could not get hold of him. Alhamdulilah we found a faster way to get what was needed instead of taking a longer route through the organisation.


I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING MY NAME POP UP IN HIS FIGHTS. He  is resorting to lies to gain the people’s support. Had it not been for this mufti I would have remained hidden from the public eye. But he  deemed it  proper to expose me. He should hang his head in shame. What kind of mufti is he?  What must people think of us!


4) Can I take legal action against this Mufti? (Forget about legal action. Do not enlist the aid of a kuffaar court to defend your honour. Say as Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) had said when she was slandered. Say: “Allah is the One  from Whom aid is sought.” Remember when a person does not retaliate when slandered, then Allah Ta’ala takes up cudgels and  He will break the slanderer. – The Majlis)       (End of the Sister’s letter)


It is not the practise of The Majlis to publish the names of Mudslim females. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayjhi wasallam) said that the entire body of a woman is Satr. However, since Abraham Smit has dragged the Mu’minah into the public domain, it is prudent to mention her name.


Smit, by introducing the alleged marital problems of Maulana Igsaan Abrahams into the public domain has degenerated into the sewer drain like sewer rats. This man has no Imaani Ghairah (Honour). His attitude is disgusting. In his fight with Maulana Igsaan why did he have to introduce any assumed or real marital problems between Maulana Igsaan and his wife. Everyone has marital problems. The Sahaabah had such problems, and even Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had marital issues.


Dragging the Maulana’s wife into his despicable fight is unacceptable and intolerable. A man of honour, leave alone a Mufti, does not descend into the sewer gutter so despicably. Only men with gangster tendencies will stoop to the despicable ebb of besmirching the name of a chaste Muslimah.


If he has a vestige of Imaani honour, he should publicly apologize to the lady.

2 Shawwaal 1442 – 15 May 2021


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