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Most disgustingly the MJC cartel of Munaafiqs are imploring the Muslim community to make dua for their moron mufti Taha Karan and his family. It is reported by these juhala that the family has tested positive for the covid Satanism. The covid devil has struck them despite them being the staunchest observers of the covid protocols of the atheists. No one can escape the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Protocols and Devils cannot avail. Whoever has been earmarked by Allah Azza Wa Jal will be the victim of the disease. Devil’s distancing, devil’s masks and the other stupid, shaitaani measures of the atheists can never thwart the decree of Allah Ta’ala.


Now shamelessly this Munaafiq clique begs: “We call upon our Muslim community to keep Mufti of MJC and Mufti’s family in your duas.”


Then  displaying their nifaaq and jahaalat, the MJC clique of carrion halaalizers presents two Hadith narrations in which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) mentions the  merits of visiting the sick and making Dua for the sick person at his/her bedside.


These people have no skin on their faces. Only carrion halaalizers can ask Muslims to visit their ailing mufti, stand at his bedside and make dua. This very same MJC juhala entity is advocating devil’s distancing in the Musaajid, closing the Musaajid, suspending Jumuah Salaat, abstention from musaafahah, donning the devil’s mask, etc. They are too darned scared to come into proximity of even their aged parents. They believe that the atheist protocols can combat Maut and thwart Malakul Maut. They believe that the measures of the atheists will prolong life and foil death.


How can these GHUTHAA (RUBBISH) ask Muslims to visit their sick moron mufti and to make dua for him at his bedside when he (the mufti) is highly diseased and threatens the lives of all those who come within a mile of him? The disease which has attacked the MJC mufti is “highly contagious” according to these Munaafiq sheikhs and molvis who lick the boots of the atheists who have instructed them to promote the protocols of Iblees.


Instead of making dua for the shifa’ (cure) of the munaafiq mufti, make dua for his hidaayat. Supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to grant him Imaan. That is what he needs. He does not need shifa’ in the current state of kufr in which he and his MJC grovels.

15 Shawwaal 1442 – 28 May 2021

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 June 2021 11:01  

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