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It appears that the government has embraced this bogus triumvirate and have accepted it to be the spokesperson and representative of the Muslim community. Since Bham  & his Clique sing the song of the government and dance to its tune it has become convenient and acceptable for the government to baselessly  ‘believe’ that these  fools and munaafiqeen represent the Muslim community.


It is necessary for the government to understand that there is no single Muslim Voice in South Africa. There is no one body who has the mandate to represent the Muslim community. Besides the NNB jamiat (the No Name Brand jamiat of Fordsburg), the MJC carrion halaalizer and bogus uucsa which is in reality another paper front body for the NNB jamiat and MJC, there are many other Ulama and non-Ulama organizations which are not affiliated to the Munaafiq Triumvirate Cartel. Numerous organizations and the vast majority of the Muslim community are not represented by the triumvirate.


The government has no valid basis for believing that this deceptive triumvirate is the representative of the Muslim community. The only discernible basis is that Reverend Abraham Bham (alias Ebrahim Bham) is an ardent bootlicker of the government. The government has no credible basis for accepting the bogus triumvirate as being the representative of the Muslims community.


Bham & Cartel has no right and no mandate to speak on behalf of the Muslim community. This government is behaving exactly as did the Apartheid government which used to appoint any Tom, Dick and Harry to representative the non-white communities. The present government has descended into the same rut. Mr.Ramaphosa should answer the question: “On what basis have you accepted this Bham character to be the representative of the Muslim community?” The government has not even made an attempt to study the variegated tapestry of the Muslim community to identify its leaders.


The adoption of this apartheid style tactic by the government leads to problems and such decisions which are totally unacceptable to the Muslim community at large.


The government should not feel snug with the idea that it has consulted with the Muslim community when it consults with the Bham character. This fellow speaks much twaddle in the name of Islam. He is a narcissistic sciolist who will be kicked out from many Mosques. He garrulously flaunts his perceived ‘excellences’ when in reality he sinks and stinks in his quagmire of fisq and kufr. In fact we do not believe that he is even a Muslim. As far as Imaan and A’maal are concerned, he is barren and swimming in the cesspool of inequity he has created for himself with his nifaaq and shaitaaniyat.


The government will do itself a favour to step out from its cocoon of complacency, and cease acting like an ostrich, to enable itself to see and understand reality. It is this cocoon mentality which has precluded the government from nipping in the bud the anarchy and mayhem which have reined Natal-Zululand and Gauteng the past week. The government is totally out of touch with the reality on the ground. Precisely for this reason has the government ludicrously, without any valid basis, accepted one of its bootlickers, viz., Reverend Bham, to be the spokesperson of the Muslim community.


It is necessary for Muslims to write to the president informing him of his grievous error – his error of accepting a Munaafiq as the representative of the Muslim community.

8 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 19 July 2021


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