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The Munaafiq Reverend Abraham Bham, Kalb Patel and their Munaafiq-Murtad bogus UUCSA and MJC retinue are once again seeking the assistance of the Kuffaar court to mutilate the Shariah on the issue of Nikah, Talaaq and their consequences. Having miserablyfailed to achieve their satanic objective of transmogrifying the Shariah with kufr via their shaitaani stratagems of MPL and MMB, they are now approaching the kuffaar court to attain the fulfilment of the very same evil and kufr plot. These Murtaddeen have thrown in their lot flagrantly and blatantly with the kuffaar Women’s Legal Centre to have Allah’s Ahkaam pertaining to Nikah, Talaaq and their consequences abolished.


These are the very same Shayaateenul Ins who had gone to the kuffaar court in the garb of ‘Friends of the Court’, but ENEMIES OF ALLAH, to plead and beg for the closure of the Musaajid, for the abolition of Jumuah Salaat, the daily Fardh Jamaat Salaat, etc. These agents of Dajjaal masquerading as ‘Muslims’ are today the worst enemies of Allah Ta’ala, of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), of the Ummah and of Islam.


While there is absolutely no surprise for the existence of these human shayaateen, it is nevertheless lamentable for true Muslims to witness that so-called ulama in the frontline striving to abolish Islam. From different sources agents of Iblees are rising to eradicate this Deen of Allah Ta’ala. The MBS Devil-in-Chief has abolished not only the Pillar of Hajj, he has abolished the entire Shariah. All of these agents of Iblees and Dajjaal are worse than Khanaazeer. They are all cogs in the same conspiracy to extinguish the Deen of Allah Azza Wa Jal. But they will miserably fail and rue the day they were born:

“They plot to extinguish the Noor (Deen) of Allah with their mouths whilst Allah intends to complete His Noor although the kaafireen abhor it.”



Another Munaafiq, M.S.Omar, arguing on behalf of the UUCSA Dajjaal, calls in pleadings to the kuffaar court for the following acts of explicit kufr:

The government should be ordered to enact legislation to:


(1)     Regulate Talaaq

(2)     Regulate Faskh of Nikahs

(3)     Regulate Polygynous marriages

(4)     Regulate ‘equitable’ division of property when a Nikah is dissolved on the basis of the kufr figment of so-called ‘co-mingled contributions’ which the Shariah refutes and negates in entirety.

(5)     Formulate Kufr relief for children. ‘Relief’ in terms of the ‘best interests’ as conceived by the kuffaar.


All of these acts of kufr could be refuted validly on the basis of the Qur’aan and Sunnah in detailed articles. Insha-Allah, this will follow later.


In its papers, M.S.Omar states on behalf of his Dajjaali clients: “UUCSA is an umbrella body of the major Muslim theological formations…” This is a massive, dastardly LIE. UUCSA is a bogus, paper entity which hoodwinks ignorant and unwary Muslims. The government has accepted this bogus entity simply on the basis of its bootlicking the government. Since this cartel of Munaafiqeen sings the song of the government and dances to its tune, its juhala munaafiqeen/murtaddeen are accepted as the spokesperson of the Muslim community in the same way as the Apartheid government of bygone days would appoint leaders for the communities of Colour. Those who bootlicked the then government were automatically elevated to the status of leadership whilst in reality they represented only their own shadows.


Whatever claims this bogus uucsa has advanced for its LIE is blatantly false and grossly misleading. This issue requires detailed exposure and refutation.


In their papers if Kufr, the cartel of Murtaddeen represented by the Munaafiq M.S.Omar says:

“UUCSA is confronted daily with the lived realities of particularly vulnerable Muslim women and children who remain unprotected by South African law and whose constitutional rights are meekly just words on paper.”

This Omar chap requires to re-study law. His jahaalat and ghabaawat debar his brains from even correctly understanding the kufr law he practices. Besides the issue of the aforegoing statement being Kufr, his claim of Muslim women being denied their kufr constitutional rights is a stupid falsity. No so-called ‘Muslim’ woman who feels aggrieved with Islam and who is not satisfied with Allah’s Shariah, is denied her kufr constitutional rights. Just as kuffaar women are free to resort to the courts to seek kufr relief, so too are these munaafiqaat free to run to the kuffaar court in their endeavour to trample on the Shariah and to usurp from ex-husbands the rights granted by Allah Azza Wa Jal.


Numerous are the non-Muslim women who have their marital disputes adjudicated in courts despite the fact that their marriages are fully in terms of the laws of the land. Whatever law the government enacts to aid the munaafiqaat in their attempts to override the Shariah, will not be the final word. Disputes will still proceed to the courts.


In the abovementioned kufr statement, the cartel of Murtaddeen claims that the Shariah has rendered Muslim women and children vulnerable to abuse and injustice. Muslims should open their brains and read between the lines of the satanically adorned statements of these agents of Iblees. For them the Shariah is gross injustice and oppressive to women, hence they are licking the government to legislate laws to abolish the Shariah’s ahkaam which regulate Muslim marriages, divorces, etc. Deceptive postulates of this type are termed Zukhrufal Qawl by the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Thus, have We appointed for every Nabi human and jinn enemies who whisper to one another zukhrufal qawl (satanically adorned statements” to deceive.”

(Al-An’aam, Aayat 112)

They couch their kufr in such deceptive terms which the ignorant and unwary are unable to comprehend. Since the Shariah according to these Murtaddeen has left Muslim women and children ‘unprotected’ and ‘vulnerable’, these UUCSA kuffaar are appealing to the government to legislate laws to abolish the Shariah’s ahkaam which Allah Azza Wa Jal has designed for this Ummah.


Another stupid deception is their claim:

“A major challenge is the hurdle to access courts, including the inability to enforce rights.”


Every person in the country is confronted with the major hurdle to access courts. Access to kuffaar courts is a monumental hurdle in all fields of life. This hurdle is not confined to marital disputes. Every moron Tom, Dick and Harry knows that western/kuffaar courts are platforms of injustice which are best in the art of extravasating massive amounts from people in the form of fees. This aspect of the legal system is brutal and obscene in the extreme. Justice, even in terms of the law of the land is not available to all people on account of this cruel hurdle of blood-sucking fees.

The claim of ‘inability to enforce rights’ is another shaitaani deception. To which ‘rights’ do these Murtaddeen refer? They do not recognize Shar’i rights, hence they seek kufr rights for the Munaafiqaat. This is another example of zukhrufal qawl to hoodwink Muslims. Kufr rights are available to the munaafiqaat, and are enforceable by the courts. Muslims should not labour in delusion that these munaafiq murtaddeen are referring to Shar’i rights.


It is abundantly clear that the government, if ordered by the court to enact legislation in this regard, will not consider Islamic rights. The Shariah will have absolutely no role to play in such kufr legislation.


The stupid legal papers submitted by M.S.Omar on behalf of his agents of Iblees clients are cluttered with kufr. If Allah Ta’ala wills, we shall issue a detailed exposure and refutation of every kufr disgorged by the Cartel of Munaafiqeen.


This Naseehat is merely a brief exposure and rebuttal to warn Muslims of the danger of the KUFR which these vile Pedlars of KUFR are begging the court to condone and to order the government to legislate. Do not be deceived by their satanically adorned statements of deception. These Munaafiqeen are Wuqoodun Naar (Fuel for the Fire of Jahannam).

We are living in Aakhiruz Zamaan (The End of Times). The proliferation of human shayaateen will be on the increase in terms of the predictions of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It is therefore necessary to be alert and to beware of the snares of kufr which these moron Munaafiqeen are preparing to derail the Ummah from Islam.

15 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 26 July 2021


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