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From Zambia, a Concerned Brother writes:


As-salaam-u-alaikum Mohtarram Maulana


Recently the government of Zambia re introduced stricter "covid 19" measures directing places of worship to restrict religious services to two hours per week.

Prior to this, few ulama and concerned brothers obtained consent from authorities to perform salaah shoulder to shoulder, initially for the Jaame Masjid and then other masjids followed suit, this took place for a few months.

As soon as the announcement was made, the mutawallis of the prominent masjids in Lusaka, hastily resolved to revert to salaah with strict enforcement of  social distancing and masking.

Some ulama who are part of these masjid committees, who regularly make the protocol announcement in the masjids are graduates of Darul Ulooms both locally and outside the country and have studied under senior ulama  who are outspoken in their opposition of the athiest protocols and are clear in their stance of upholding the pristine Deen.

Almost all musallis (many ulama included), especially those  that are in the forefront of the various fields of Deen have disconcertingly accepted the status quo, and as is the case with other parts of the world, choose the view that the better option is to keep the masjids open and perform salaah in this manner.

Is this stance of passiveness tantamount to aiding the mutilation of Deen by the forces of baatil and providing further impetus  for these committes to initiate  further uninmaginable evils as we are now seeing in other countries, where only the vaccinated are allowed access to masaajid. Kindly comment.


(End of letter)

It is haraam to introduce kufr and to mutilate and transmogrify the Sunnah and the Shariah   for the sake of keeping the Musaajid open. Never should the kufr protocols of the atheists and the agents of Dajjaal be adopted. If the oppressive government forcibly close the Musaajid, it will be a better option than to introduce a mangled and weird form of ‘worship’ in the name of Islam.


The introduction of weird forms of kufr worship on the pretext of keeping the Musaajid open is a massive shaitaani deception. When Muslims are prevented from the Musaajid by kuffaar tyrants, then perform Salaat in homes, etc. in the manner prescribed by Allah Ta’ala. That is precisely what Allah Ta’ala had ordered Bani Israaeel to do when Fir’oun prohibited Salaat. The Qur’aan states that every home had to become a Musjid.


The shaitaani stance of the ulama-e-mudilleen should not be adopted.  Muslims should attend to their own Islaah (reformation), adopt the Sunnah, submit to the Shariah and make dua. Allah Ta’ala will then turn the tables and eliminate the barbaric oppressors.

16 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 27 July 2021


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