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Defending its baseless and deceptive petition to the court for changing the Shariah’s laws pertaining to  marriage, divorce, custody, maintenance, etc., etc., Bogus UUCSA avers in its  baatil statement of kufr:

“The central issue in the Constitutional Court hearing is to determine whether or not the Constitution places an obligation on the State to adopt legislation recognizing Muslim marriages and their consequences. The hearing is not about the MPL Bill; it is not about laws pertaining to nikaah and Talaq. The hearing therefore has nothing to do with the Muslim Marriages Bill. The dynamics have changed because of the Supreme Court of Appeal ruling. MPL is no longer an option.”


This is another red herring designed to deceive and mislead. The ‘central issue’ is not restricted to mere, barren recognition of Muslim marriages. In the wake of legal recognition comes a host of kufr laws which will encumber marriages, divorces, etc. In the wake of recognition comes destruction of the Shariah.

Either UUCSA is massively and egregiously stupid – too stupid – or too conspiratorial and deceiving in its claim that the ‘central issue is not about laws pertaining to nikaah and Talaq”. Who does this bogus and munaafiq entity thinks it can succeed to hoodwink with this preposterously stupid averment? It may hoodwink other munaafiqeen, but not Mu’mineen.

Even this Munaafiq, bogus UUCSA states in the very first paragraph of its bootlicking submission to the constitution court:

“At the heart of this debate is the central issue of the State’s ongoing, continuing proven, foundational breach of its constitutional obligation to adopt comprehensive legislation regarding Muslim marriages and their consequences.” (Our emphasis-The Majlis)

In its second paragraph the bogus entity states:

“Put differently, the State is positively obliged to enact comprehensive legislation to recognize Muslim marriages and their consequences, for all purposes.” (Underlining emphasis by the munaafiqeen. Bold print is our emphasis—The Majlis)

The kufr legislation pertains to ‘all purposes’, not mere recognition minus consequences. Referring to the ‘comprehensive legislation’, the Munaafiqeen say in their paper cluttered with kufr:

“Such comprehensive stand-alone legislation would address the multiple rights violation suffered in particle by vulnerable Muslim women and children, in relation to inter alia, regulating talaq, regulating faskh, polygynous marriages…..marriage contracts,….the equitable division of property upon termination of an islamic marriage, having regard inter alia to the co-mingled contributions of the spouses,….adequate relief and protection for the children.”

The stupid kufr petition/submission of bogus UUCSA repeatedly acknowledges by implication that the “central issue” relates to not recognition of marriages in isolation, but more so to the consequences on the dissolution of the Nikah. UUCSA states clearly in its scrap submission that Talaaq, Faskh, polygynous marriages, marriage contracts, division of property must be regulated. It is obvious – clearer than daylight – that such regulations will not be in terms of the Shariah. It will not be in terms of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. It will be in terms of the kufr constitution and the host of kufr laws spawned by the kufr constitution. And, every law of the kufr system in this regard is diametrically in conflict and negation of the regulations of the Shariah.

The Shariah and the constitution are two mutually repulsive concepts. Nothing can bridge this wide chasm. The entire kufr exercise of these Munaafiqeen pertains to the transmogrification or more appropriately, the abolition of the Shariah. No one should be fooled by the devious statements of bogus UUCSA. The issue is not confined to mere recognition of Muslim marriages. The fundamental issue pertains to the consequences stemming from such kufr recognition. The consequences are tantamount to abolition of all the Shariah’s ahkaam stemming from the dissolution of marriages.

Only morons may understand that legal recognition of Muslim marriages comes without legal consequences. All such consequences are kufr since they are in negation and denial of the Shariah.

In the Shariah there is no such ghost as ‘equitable’ distribution of property when Talaaq takes place. The entire property belongs to the husband regardless of contributions made by the wife. If the wife’s contribution is not stated as an explicit loan, she will not have the right to demand payment when the Nikah ends with Talaaq.

Read Part 1 as well. Part 3 will soon follow, Insha-Allah.

19 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 30 July 2021

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