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Peddling its baseless defence of its support for the kuffaar feminist body, The Women’s Legal Centre, in the attempt to secure the displacement of the Shariah’s ahkaam pertaining to Nikah, Talaaq and their consequences, Bogus UUCSA says in its stupid statement: 

“We no longer have the luxury of debating whether we want our marriages regulated or not. The Courts have already decided and settled this matter. The Courts have given government 24 months to recognize Muslim marriages and their consequences by either amending existing legislation or passing new legislation, following the declaration of constitutional invalidity of the Marriage Act and   the Divorce Act. The Courts have also ruled that in the interim, the Divorce Act will apply to all Muslim marriages. The harsh reality is that the interim relief may become the default position for a long period of time if government drags its feet in amending existing legislation.”



With this bunkum averment, Bogus UUCSA seeks to befool Muslims. The Qur’aan rejects the regulation of our marriages and divorces in terms of the kufr law which the Munaafiqeen of UUCSA espouse. Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed: 

“They who do not decide according to that (Shariah) which Allah has revealed, verily they are the KAAFIROON.”


UUCSA comes fully within the glare of this Qur’aanic Aayat. They –the UUCSA Munaafiqeen – are ‘KAAFIROON” because they are in support of kuffaar females who are seeking to abolish the Shariah. 

The government is averse to the idea of regulating Muslim marriages. However, the kuffaar feminist body supported by the UUCSA Munaafiq cartel, is endeavouring to compel the government via the kuffaar courts to regulate Muslim marriages, divorces, etc., and such regulation will obviously have to be in terms of pure kufr rules which are in total denial and rejection of the Shariah. Instead of supporting the government in its bid to have the lower court’s kufr verdict cancelled, the UUCSA shayaateen are going all out in their kufr attempt to support the kuffaar feminist body against the government. 

It is not the government which is clamouring for recognition of Muslim marriages with its concomitant kufr consequences. It is the feminist kuffaar body and the UUCSA mudhilleen, zanaadaqah and munaafiqeen. Yet, these most unfortunate specimens of humanity masquerading as Muslims seek to deceive the Muslim community with the idea that it is the government who is eager to enact the kufr legislation to abolish the Shariah. 

Why does this vile clique support the kuffaar feminist body? The government is appealing against the verdict in terms of which it is bound to enact legislation in rejection of the Shariah. How is it possible for men of Imaan to join hands with a kuffaar feminist cartel to force the government via the courts to enact such legislation which will compel Muslims to submit their marriages and divorces to kufr laws? Muslims should not be trapped in the deception of the UUCSA shayaateen. 

It is not an issue of luxury debating. It is a matter of Kufr and Imaan. The need is to oppose the kuffaar feminist body and this most unfortunate cartel of munaafiqeen who have come out in full support of the kufr being vomited into their mouths by the WLC. The Bogus entity is in a vain attempt to portray its collusion with the feminist kuffaar body as an attempt to protect Muslims when in reality it is a sinister and a shaitaani conspiracy to scuttle the Shariah. Muslims should not become befuddled by the kufr flowery assertions of this entity of human devils. 

Hitherto Muslims are free to regulate their marriages, etc. in terms of the Shariah. But the kuffaar women’s entity together with Bogus UUCSA are struggling to have our freedom of religion rescinded or curtailed in such a manner which will compel Muslims to submit to pure kufr. 

May Allah Ta’ala destroy these vile munaafiqeen who are gnawing at the Framework of the Deen and digging up its foundations.


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25 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 5 August 2021


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