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2 Jamaadil Ula 1434 – 15 March 2013



The kaafir, mushrik, idolatrous Buddhist  party of Sri Lanka (BBS), for its own anti-Islam reasons has constrained the Sri Lankan Muslim carrion-halaalizing organization, ACJU, to abandon halaal certification. Supermarket shelves will no longer carry products with the fraudulent ‘halaal’ emblem. Alhamdulillaah thumma Alhamdulillah! Muslims in South Africa should supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to provide the Muslim community with similar relief.
Although the mushrikeen of Sri Lanka have their own virulent reasons for the ban of halaal certification, the Muslim community of that country should offer gratitude to Allah Ta’ala  for saving them from consuming the halaalized carrion which the mercenary halaal certificate purveyors  hawk to reluctant suppliers. The evil Buddhists of Sri Lanka have even called for abolition of Musjids. May Allah Ta’ala aid and protect the Sri Lankan Muslim community. Perhaps the first step in Divine Aid is the spiritual fortification of Muslims  by saving them from consuming the halaalized carrion. The following is the press report on this issue.
Fascist Sri Lanka? Beleagured Muslims give up Halal certification
by Al Hittin  - By Firspost
Faced with stiff opposition by hardline Buddhist majority groups, a Sri Lankan Muslim group, which has been issuing the Halal certificates to businesses, has said it would now withdraw the practice.
The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), Sri Lanka’s main body of Islamic scholars, said that Halal certification would now be limited to export products meant for Islamic nations. “We are giving up what is very important to Muslims. We are making a sacrifice in the interest of peace and ethnic harmony,” Rizwe Mufthi of the ACJU said.
The Buddhist extremist Bodu Bala Sena (Buddhist Force) has been running a vocal protest campaign to force the end to Halal certification. Their main grouse was that non-Muslims are being forced to consume Halal certified products.
Mufthi said that consumer products in the super market shelves would no longer carry the Halal certification.
As an immediate reaction to the BBS campaign, the ACJU had last month said that Halal products would only be offered to Muslims, which was dismissed out of hand by the BBS.
Lanka’s leading trade chamber, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, said it was impractical to have Halal and non-Halal products from the same item.
Responding to another criticism that the Muslim scholars of ACJU were making money out of Halal certification, the body said the certificates from now on would be issued free of charge to those who cater to export orders.

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