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“I am known as Ummi Muhammed, The Millennial Muslimah to the 20 000 odd people who follow me on social media. I am a Muslim woman, a mother, a sister and a friend. I am an activist who is passionate about mental health awareness and helping people make informed choices regarding their lives.


Among the women who follow me online are global women from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, from housewives to doctors, advocates, teachers and even Harvard graduates. My platform provides a safe space to discuss contemporary issues.


I have watched with confusion and growing concern, the unfolding of the build up to the ZOOM hearing regarding this MUSLIM MARRIAGES BILL (MMB).  I have followed this matter from the early days when it was referred to as MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW (MPL) Since the outcome of these proceedings impacts my constituents and I directly,I find I am compelled to have my say.



In order to know how a people's behaviour is understood, explained and regulated, one must understand their psyche.


The Human psyche postulated by Western, specifically Anglo- American psychology does not take into consideration the Islamic version of the Human psyche which is derived from Divine Scripture, (The Holy Quran) Prophetic Tradition, (sayings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad – Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the rich intellectual heritage of our scholars.


I have not seen a single article or discussion on the proposed MMB which takes this matter into consideration nor those who favour this BILL discuss the impact of such a step on the collective Muslim psyche. In fact, by their own admission the women proposing the reform have cited their own ignorance regarding these matters as a reason to support such reform. Instead of addressing their own ignorance,they seek to reform an established system that has served countless millions for over a millennia. Instead of addressing their own lack of understanding,they seek to undermine the rest of the Muslim community by changing the rules which we have adhered to our whole lives.


If early Muslim scholars were able to fully grasp the concepts and write complex treatieses on same, are we to simply accept after a millennia and a half of secular progression that women in the 21st Century would concede to change something simply because it was too difficult to comprehend??




Islam is not an optional cultural or spiritual belief confined to rituals and incanataions. It is a complete way of life for those who choose to adhere to these principles which are of Divine Origin. The essence of our Faith is self development and transcending of the sensual desires of the flesh to embody a more refined, existence, the Objective being Divine Proximity and Divine Pleasure to which all other objectives and pleasures are made subservient and even  effaced if   in conflict with the  True Objective. Islam is the Lense through which we navigate our lives and reach self-actualisation. Changing this system threatens more than our way of life and the way we have lived for centuries. This is not a uniquely Muslim problem but one faced by almost every indigenous community around the globe.


Reformation of Islamic principles can not happen in isolation of Islam,  as Islam is a complete and perfect Unit. A change in one area sets off untold ripple effects that will result in unwanted repercussions for individuals involved. Sparking a potential existential crisis for thousands of people.


As an individual who comes across suicidal individuals regularly, the impact of changing the Shariah, which the Women’s Legal Centre and others are seeking via the courts on the morale and mental health of Muslims is a grave concern.  If you are concerned about religious Fanaticsm, studies have shown that when people feel threatened they turn to their faith for solace and comfort.


According to an article in Derebus:

"The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) contended that the state is bound by international instruments to which it is a party to...'


The article lists the United Nations as one of these instruments.  Is it fair to us, Muslims, for the United Nations to dictate the manner in which we interpret and implement our religious beliefs?


The aims of this Concourt exercise (which is ‘old wine in a new bottle’, namely, the MMB in another sinister form) have been stated in no uncertain terms that it seeks to give the Government the power to "refashion the Shariah." Such a step is an infringement upon the right of every Muslim to practice their religious beliefs without interference.


We know all too well the political agenda and push for reforms that bring us closer to NDP2030.

What is acceptable to one nation is taboo to another. Stuffing us all into a single mould is oppression at best and enslavement at worst. Since colonialists can no longer enslave our bodies they seek to enslave our minds.



Muslims are a minority yet it is these same religious beliefs that compel us to give a portion of our wealth to charities like Gift of the Givers, just one example of the way South Africans benefit from our beliefs. We are a minority within a minority. Our way of life has ensured our success in country and our continued contribution to the economy and society. We were brought here as indentured labourers. The blood sweat and tears of our forefathers have fertilized the soil upon which we have built our lives.


We took the hand that life dealt us and developed into meaningful contributors to our communities and this country. Our parents who were educated abroad, returned to play their part in the prosperity of this rainbow nation. We too suffered under the APARTHEID REGIME, however it was our faith that kept the hope for a better tomorrow alive in our hearts. A future where our children would be free to live as Muslims in a land that celebrates diversity instead of slicing it into conformity.


In the wake of recent unrest and racial tension, during which many of us have suffered the loss of our life's work, it would be inhumane for any court to rob us of this hope!  I sincerely hope my humble words reach those it’s meant to reach and that somehow these heartfelt sentiments make a difference in some small way.

(End of Ummi  Muhammad’s letter)


Technically, the Constitutional Court case is not about the now defunct MMB (Muslim Marriages Bill).  Nevertheless, it is the same old wine in a new bottle. Having miserably failed to achieve their sinister agenda via MPL and MMB, the Munaafiqeen and Zanaadaqah such as bogus UUCSA, MJC and NNB jamiat of Fordsburg, have enlisted the aid of the kuffaar feminist outfit, WLC (Women’s Legal Centre) to execute their dirty work of kufr via legal channels. That is precisely why bogus UUCSA (MJC and NNB jamiat) have crept under the kufr skirts of the feminist body under the deception of ‘Friends of the Court’. In reality these ‘friends’ of the court are FIENDS (Enemies) of Allah and the Deen.


Since Ummi Muhammad is not an Aalimah, some of her comments lack Islamic ethos. For example, the talk of the apartheid regime should not have featured. It is in entirety unconnected with the kufr plot to mutilate and abolish the Shariah. The issue of the recent unrest, pillage and plunder too, are of no significance germane to the conspiracy of Bogus UUCSA and other Munaafiqeen.  Plain and simple, the rioting and destruction were part of Allah’s Punishment for the villainy of the Muslim community.

4 Muharram 1443 – 13 August 2021


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