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8 Jamaadil Ula 1434 – 21 March 2013



The following is a reproduction of a review on the medicine, ARTERY UNBLOCK.

Artery Unblock is a 100% natural remedy, which is tried and tested. This 'miracle drink' was discovered by some Hakeems in the Indo-Pak sub-continent.
It contain 10 highly effective ingredients, all of which are 100% natural.
(Hakeems are doctors who deal with natural medications, herbs, etc. Generally, the medication is targeted at eliminating the root cause of a sickness. Some of the remedies and advises of the Hakeems are being passed from generation to generation for more than 1000 years, obviously carrying along with it the desired effects and amazing results)
Although Artery Unblock was founded in the Sub-Continent, this 'miracle drink' has always attracted the interest of experts in the medical field, and subsequently, it was put to the test in many other countries.
Top doctors in the U.S.A. have labelled it "The Wonder Drug", while Chinese specialists have called it "A Miracle Drink".
Since its introduction in South Africa in May 2011, scores of persons have been taking Artery Unblock, and amazing results have been witnessed.
Within only a few months from its launch, the news of this 'Miracle Drink' spread like wild fire throughout the country, and has even crossed the borders into some of the neighbouring countries. In fact, we have taken orders from as far as Zambia already.

Who should take Artery-Unblock?
Artery Unblock is essential for those who:
    are suffering from heart problems (clogged arteries, short breath, etc)
    have a history of cholesterol and heart problems in the family
    have already undergone a by-pass
    high blood patients
    are having difficulty in breathing
    have no history of heart problems, but feel that prevention is better than cure
Artery Unblock is a 100% natural medication which may be taken in conjunction with all other medication.
*** Muhammad Ameen Sheikh of Stanger, (KZN, South Africa) relates his experience:
On 1 October 2011 I had a heart attack, after which I was Virtually bed-ridden. I could not even walk to the bathroom. Slipping on a kurta (shirt) was a mission. My wife had to bath me. After a few weeks of ARTERY UNBLOCK I'm up and about. Walking, bathing, driving. I'm almost back to normal.
*** A Moulana of Actonville, (Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa) relates his experience with Artery Unblock:
"3 arteries were blocked. My specialist said I need a triple by-pass. Since I did not want to rush into such a major operation, I decided to consult with my family and other experts.
Anyhow, in the meanwhile I read about Artery Unblock and I decided to try it. After completing a months course of Artery Unblock I went back to my specialist, who did an ECG, Echo Sound and put me on the treadmill.
"Mr.... everything's clear and you're looking 100% fine. I want to see you again only after 6 months"
*** Ahmed Omar, aged 60, of Durban says: I had a heart attack early December last year (2011), performed an emergency angoplast and put in a stent. Diagnosis: cholesterol levels and blood pressure very high. I started ARTERY UNBLOCK immediately. When I went for a checkup in January 2012, the doctor was very happy with the results and stopped my blood pressure medication. Alhamdulillah (praise be to The Almighty).
*** A resident of Azaadville (Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa) says:
"I'm feeling much better now. I no longer suffer from short breath. I'm really impressed with this natural tonic"
*** From a resident of Boksburg (Gauteng, South Africa) who took ARTERY UNBLOCK for only a month:
"Slm. Just had the blood tests results interpreted. Thought I should let you know. Cholesterol is at 5.02. Alhamdulillah (praise be to the Al-Mighty) it is the lowest it has ever been in 8 years. jzk (thanks) for everything."
*** A Moulana relates:
"I was experiencing pains in my chest. When I went in for a check-up, the specialist told me I have 3 blocked arteries. A triple by-pass was scheduled for after a month. In the meanwhile, I heard of Artery Unblock and I began with it. After a month, when I was admitted, the same specialist first did tests. He was shocked to find that 2 arteries were totally clear. Upon enquiry, I told him about ARTERY UNBLOCK. He gave me a discharge, refunded my deposit and told me to continue with this 'Miracle Drink', hopefully the 3rd artery will also open up."
*** "My triglyceride level has dropped drastically in only 2 months of daily consumption."
*** "...patients given this miracle drink before breakfast showed a remarkable reduction in high blood pressure and cholesterol in less than a week."
*** Top doctors in the USA have labelled it 'The wonder Drug.'
*** "It's a Miracle Drink!" (Chinese doctors after testing it on patients)
*** A resident of Boksburg (Gauteng, South Africa) says:
" When I used to put my little daughter on my chest, I used to feel a pain in my, chest. After only two days of taking ARTERY UNBLOCK, the pain went away.'

To order, please phone Muhammad on +27 84 7444 140 (preferably after 5pm). Since all orders are freshly prepared, orders must be placed at least 7-10 days in advance.
For Durban, PMB, Polokwane & Tzaneen, Pretoria, Bloemfontein: we have in place arrangements with an overnight door-to-door courier service.
Courier service in 'Transvaal' upto Middleburg /Witbank, Heidelburg, Klerksdorp, Krugersdorp, Rustenburg & Vereeniging is also available.
Please check with us to confirm whether your area is covered by the courier service or not.


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