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I got this from a telegram channel of Lin Wood, he posts there regularly each day. Hope this doesn't get chopped:


" I believe an adult has a legal choice when it comes to the decision of whether to take the “vaccine.”


But medical doctors must provide a patient with informed consent. If they fail to do so, any invasive procedure constitutes the sort of battery under law which is actionable in a civil lawsuit.


Failure to provide informed consent is also a ground for a medical malpractice lawsuit for money damages.


The above statements are not my “opinions.” I did medical malpractice litigation for approximately 17 years of my 45-year legal career. My statements are statements of law.


Along other questions, ask your health provider:


1. What are the ingredients in the “vaccine?”

2. What are the short term and long term known complications from the “vaccine?” Note that the answer must be based on the results of valid research and clinical studies of the effects on humans.

3. What are the consequences to you if you refuse to give informed consent based on the answers to your questions and thus, refuse the jab? Hint: If your refuse to give informed consent, that is game, set, match. You cannot be forced to undergo any medical procedure without your informed consent.


You may have many other questions you want answered before you give informed consent. You are legally entitled to answers to ALL of your questions. Do NOT let a health provider stick a document in front of you to sign without reading it carefully and getting answers to your questions.


Remind the health care provider, that while the government might have granted immunity from lawsuits to the pharmaceutical companies, you maintain your right to sue for medical malpractice.


Remind the doctors of the Hippocratic Oath - first do the patient no harm.


Make the doctors do their job correctly. Do NOT let them be businessmen or women just making money. Remind them that they are professionals. Their first and highest duty is to the patient. Not to the corporate medical world.


Search for a Marcus Welby, M.D.


P.S. Remind your employers of their legal liability for harm you might suffer if you are damaged because they forced you to undergo an experimental medical procedure as a condition of employment."


Lin Wood



Here's his credentials...


L. Lin Wood

American attorney



_Lucian Lincoln "Lin" Wood Jr. is an American attorney. Following his graduation from law school in 1977, Wood worked as a personal injury lawyer, focusing on medical malpractice litigation. He became known as a "celebrity lawyer" specializing in defamation lawsuits_. Wikipedia


Born: 19 October 1952 (age 68 years), Raleigh, North Carolina, United States


Education: Mercer University (BA, JD)


This message  below  is from a Medical specialist ...


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Precisely ... only ones who were dying of “covid” before the vaccine deaths started and the “variants” code name for which batch of the bioweapon was injected ... the mask wearers all got bacterial pneumonia ... ehihh Co is called waking pneumonia ... you walk around without symptoms until you literally fall unable to breath ... and then it’s too late ... the politicians in Africa are too stupid ... so are the doctors ... and nurses ... to know or put the two together ,.. and then covid fake text proves person has fake covid ,.. and so the numbers go up ... it is excellent that the people are not wearing masks ... wish the sheep in the rest of the world would take lessons from our black brothers and sisters .., survival of the fittest ...

18 August 2021


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