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27 Jamaadith Thaani 1434 – 9 May 2013


In a brazen attempt to sustain some semblance of credibility for its claim that the carrion chickens are ‘halaal’, SANHA disgorged the blatant lie of attributing despicable falsehood to senior Ulama who have already departed from this world. Uttering a notorious LIE, SANHA states:

“The Halaal poultry slaughter process at Rainbow and commercial abattoirs of the like was initiated and/or endorsed by Ulama Institutions and leading Islamic scholars of the past the likes of the marhoom Mufti Shafi r.a., Moulana Ansaari r.a., Moulana Omarjee r.a., Moulana Sema r.a., Mufti Ebrahim Sanjalvi r.a., Mufti Bashir Sanjalvi r.a., Moulana Yunus r.a., Mufti Ahmad Mia r.a. including many leading contemporary Ulama.”

SANHA  has despicably dragged in the names of  the demised Ulama of the original Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal in a vain bid to  bamboozle the community – to trick them by deceit and falsehood to believe that Mufti Ebrahim Sanjalvi, Mufti Basheer Sanjalvi and Mufti Ahmed Mia (rahmatullah alayhim) had condoned, promoted and halaalized Rainbow Chickens. This notion is a pure fabrication – a contemptible lie.

The three Ulama mentioned above had participated in an inspection of the Rainbow plant in Hammersdale during the 1970’s. They were dissatisfied with the haraam slaughtering system. Mufti Ebrahim Sanjalvi had physically taken chickens from the line and had displayed them to those present. He had  indicated that the neck vessels were not severed.
It is therefore a heinous falsehood for SANHA to claim that these Ulama had endorsed the haraam, brutal system of Rainbow which produce nothing but haraam carrion chickens unfit for even dogs.

We maintain with emphasis that none of the Transvaal Ulama mentioned by SANHA had condoned, promoted or endorsed Rainbow carrion chickens. However, SANHA banked on taking a shot in the dark relying on  the principle that dead men do not speak. But let this Carrion-Halaalizer understand that there are others  who are still alive, who had participated in that inspection, and that includes us.

SANHA will not be able to hoodwink the Muslim community with its lies and skulduggery.

For a detailed rebuttal of SANHA’s brazen lies in this regard, see our detailed explanation, titled:  SANHA SPRAWLING IN THE CARRION GUTTER.

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