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26 Zil Qa’dh 1434 – 2 October 2013

In the Kenyan atrocity perpetrated by foreign (Amercan/Israeli) sinister forces, an important clue which all the stupid  and gullible  ‘intelligentsia’ are overlooking is the collapse of three whole floors of the huge solid concrete structure. What had caused the collapse of the three floors? The alleged Al-Shabaab members  allegedly stormed the   complex with only guns and grenades. So what caused the collapse of the huge three floors?

One stupid Kenyan official thinking the world is stupid explained that the cause of the collapse of three solid concrete floors was “caused by the terrorists setting fire to mattresses.” It is obvious that this official with soft and numb brains labours under the impression that the whole world of people  must also be having similar soft and numb brains to swallow the silly flotsam he has disgorged. Can burning mattresses cause three  massive concrete floors to collapse?

Even western journalists who saw the site say that “the extent of the damage indicates that explosives were probably used.” Another  Kenyan official said that “the military caused the collapse of the three floors, and had fired rocket-propelled grenades into the mall. But he would not say what caused the collapse.”  While it is alleged that the military caused the collapse, it is not explained  how and why was the collapse caused.

Another theory plied by some other stupid official is : “The attack ended on Tuesday when Kenyan troops detonated explosives to get through locked doors inside as they searched  for militants or booby traps. …Three floors collapsed after the blasts and a separate fire weakened the structure of the vaulted, marble-tiled building. The fire began with attackers lighting mattresses as a decoy.”  Explosives were allegedly used by the troops to blast open doors, not to bring down three floors of a huge building. The blasts opened the allegedly closed doors to allow the troops admission. It is thus assumed that they entered after blowing open the doors and went about their searching operation.  The three floors did not collapse on the troops. It is thus, moronic to link the collapse of the three floors with the relatively small amount of explosives used to blast open doors.

The burning of a few mattresses “as a decoy” also debunks the  extremely moronic claim that the couple of burning mattresses brought down the three floors. Hitherto they have not advanced any viable  theory or cooked up a story to satisfactorily explain the collapse of the three floors in the same as  to this day they have not satisfactorily explained the  collapse of the American world-trade building by an implosion falsely attributed to a plane ramming into the building.

To this day, more than a week after the atrocity,  the details of  the heinous act remain shrouded in mystery. Despite this,  from America, the New York Times reports: “A hand-picked group of English-speaking fighters from al-Shabab had trained for the assault in Somalia for weeks beforehand.” How is it that suddenly now the U.S. is aware of this phantom group which had been training for weeks beforehand in Somalia to commit this atrocity, yet had withheld the information from the Kenyan authorities? From where did they suddenly acquire this information published in the New York Times whilst the Kenyan government remains ignorantly unaware?

This atrocity has all the hall marks of sinister forces whose agenda is to destabilize the world, drive a wedge between governments and  Muslim communities, and to enable the economically and morally  bankrupt U.S. to pirate off the wealth of the African, Asian and Arab countries to sustain its economy and way of life. As long as anarchy and corruption reign in the so-called third world countries, America’s presence in them all is assured. And, U.S. presence in a country equates to billions of dollars of raw materials and resources for its bankrupt economy. Keep the  stupid Sunnis and the moron  Shiahs fighting and killing each other in Iraq, while you (U.S.) siphon off the billions of dollars of oil in peace.

The atrocity in Kenya is not the enactment of Al-Shabaab. This group lacks the ability and the sophistication for executing such an atrocious operation. Israeli agencies were at hand to oversee the atrocity. Muslims who are fighting a genuine Jihad do not commit atrocities of this type. Those who claim to fight a Jihad in the Name of Allah Ta’ala do not kill women and children. They do not bomb market places and places of worship. Such dirty satanic atrocities are committed by agencies such as the CIA, Mossad and similar other evil outfits of the Devil. Many western sources are also convinced that the Kenyan atrocity is a false-flag operation.  It is just as false as the false-flag atrocities of the trade-world centres and the Boston atrocity. America’s survival in the opinion of the Mafia clique  ruling that country, is to destabilize the world with anarchy and wars.

They have now suddenly conjured up the “white widow”  trick. Suddenly they know all about her – her exact movements and all her plans – yet they  hopelessly failed to  prevent the Kenyan atrocity. They suddenly claim that she was stalking and keeping under surveillance foreign embassies in Pretoria. They had all this information, but did nothing? This is indeed intriguingly interesting and mysterious. These evil forces also have a profound love for passports. After the destruction of the American world-trade buildings, suddenly the passports of the Arab youths allegedly responsible for the atrocity surfaced  intact near to the  then destroyed buildings. Now there is much talk about the passport/s of the “white widow” who had supposedly ‘master-minded: the Kenyan atrocity. All of a sudden they know  who the “master-mind” is, yet they could not prevent the atrocity?

The vile forces are also alleging that Al-Shabab members  had killed those non-Muslims who  did not know  the name of the mother of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). This is a monstrous LIE. Mujahideen cannot and will not perpetrate such a heinous haraam misdeed. Those who claim to be fighting in the Path of Allah never commit such heinous atrocities. Every Muslim  knows that Islam does not allow  the perpetration of atrocities – killing and maiming women, children and civilians unconnected with the war-machinery. The objective of Jihad is I’la Kalimatullaah (Raising the Word of Allah). How can Allah’s Word be propagated to people when they are brutalized and alienated?

These atrocities are the satanic perpetrations of agencies such as the CIA, Mossad, and others of the same ilk.  The Kenyan atrocity is now being utilized by the sinister agencies of the Devil to create hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims – to step up the Islamophobia bogey.

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