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Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said once to Hadhrat Jibraeel (alayhis salaam):

“O Jibraeel! Which land is evil?’ Jibraeel (alayhis salaam) said: ‘I do not know. I shall ask my Rabb Azza Wa Jal.’ Then Jibraeel (alayhis salaam) departed and after some time returned and said: ‘O Muhammad! Verily, you had asked me:  ‘Which land is evil?’ I had said that I do not know. I have asked my Rabb Azza Wa Jal: ‘Which land is evil?’ He said:

“The souks of the land.” (Musnad Ahmad)

Hadhrat Salmaan (radhiyallahu anhu), narrating a Hadith of Jibraeel (alayhis salaam) said:

“If you  can, never be the first to enter the souk nor be the last one to leave it, for verily,  the souk is the battleground of shaitaan. There he plants his flag.” (Muslim)

In his Ihyaaul Uloom, Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullah alayh) says: “Muaaz Bin Jabal (radhiyallahu anhu) and Abdullah Bin Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) narrated: “Verily, Iblees says to his son Zalnabur: ‘Approach the people of the souks. Adorn for them lies, oaths, fraud, deception and abuse of trust, and be with the one who is the first to enter (the souk) and the last to leave from the souk.” (Ihyaaul Uloom)

In another Hadith Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the worst of places are the souks. On the occasion when Iblees was expelled from the heaven he supplicated to Allah Ta’ala for venues which could be the gathering places for the shayaateen. Allah Ta’ala informed him that his places of meeting will be the souks. 

There are many Ahaadith which speak disparagingly of souks (market places, shopping centres, malls, and the like).  The severe criticism in these narrations applies to such souks which are halaal where people are constrained by circumstances to be present to conduct trade and commerce which is halaal. The advice of the Deen is that one’s presence in a legitimate souk should be restricted to the degree of need. But when the souk itself is an immoral, obscene, haraam carnival event, then presence in such an abode of shaitaan is haraam. 

The souk which Ansarush Shaitaan (Helpers of Iblees) have arranged for 20 December 2013 is one of the worst evils ever organized in the Muslim community of this country. It is a haraam carnival of the accursed  Iblees. The Devil’s Souk will be polluted by music,  immoral singers, adulterous intermingling of sexes,  singing by men  and women, doling out haraam prizes for haraam singing by men and women who come within the Shariah; concept of zina.

According to Ansarush Shaitaan: “…the souk is a dynamic marketing environment”. But according to the Shariah this vile souk is a dynamic shaitaani environment – an ideal  haraam carnival  event inviting the evil participants to Jahannum. 

There is no longer any shame left in ‘Muslims’ aligned to these types of obscene satanic events and functions. Major sins are  flagrantly advertised as if they are virtues. Thus the Devil’s Helpers shamelessly advertising their vile fisq and fujoor say:

“Waahid Nasheeds in conjunction with Al-Ansaar Foundation brings to you the first ever Souk Superstar Competition 2013 with prizes……Do you think  you have the voice (i.e. Sautush Shaitaan – the Voice of Shaitaan – The Majlis) and skills to be the first Souk Superstar? Anyone of any age can enter. The categories are Male Solo, Female Solo, Groups/Bands and Beatboxers.”

All acts of fisq and fujoor inspired by Iblees La-een!!! What has happened to Muslims to have degenerated to this absolutely low ebb of immorality and obscenity? These are  glaring Signs of the Impending Divine Chastisement  which overhangs us like a dark cloud. 

A large or the major portion of the blame  for the rot and immorality of the community lies at the door of the Ulama who have become “Dumb Devils” for not only their silence in the face of gross and flagrant fisq and fujoor, but for also condoning the evil  with their association, fraternizing and socializing with the elements of immorality who are the Helpers of Shaitaan. In order to ensure  smiles, donations and gifts, the Ulama are  either   condoning the satanic, immoral souk of Ansaarush Shaitaan, or maintaining silence despite being aware of the fact that this evil souk is worst than a brothel.  Rasulullah’s message and warning for these silent Ulama are: 

“He who remains silent with regard to the Haqq is A DUMB DEVIL.”

When the Ulama too have become so desensitized that zina, music, intermingling of sexes, female exhibition, females singing in the public to audiences – fisq and fujoor in general – have become acceptable and condonable practices, then  the universal (aam) Punishment of Allah Ta’ala cannot be too distant in the future.  Sounding a severe warning for these Ulama who condone the filth of the community for the sake of maintaining good ties motivated by worldly and nafsaani objectives, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: 

“Verily, Allah hates every immoral villain. (He is) loud in the souks,  stinking carrion at night, donkey during the day, an aalim of the dunya and a jaahil regarding the Aakhirah.”

(Ibn Hibbaan and Baihqi)

16 Safar 1435 - 20 December 2013


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