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A Sister writes

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A concerned Sister writes:


Assalaamu alaikum 

Dear Moulana 

Recently we had a distinguished visitor from UK, Moulana Mumtazul Haq. His field of concentration is the deviant sects such as Qadianis, Salafis and Shiahs. During his visits to South Africa he focussed most of his talks on Shi-ism. 

The MJC of Cape Town was requested to host him during his latest tour. At first Moulana Abdul Khaliq Allie of the MJC was very eager and enthusiastic. He then called off the invitation. The reason was that some time back Moulana Mumtazul Haq and Mufti Zubair Bayat of Darul Ihsan happened to be at the same conference. Mufti Zubair spoke first, during which he made a certain inappropriate remark. When it was Moulana Mumtazul Haq’s turn, he openly criticised Mufti Zubair’s remark. 

The MJC and Darul Ihsan are ideologically aligned, and the members of the two bodies enjoy a close relationship. The fact that the Majlis criticises both organisations seems to be a rallying point around which they unite. This flows from their attitude “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists (Majlis)”. There is no third option. 

In order to score a point on behalf of their ally, the MJC refused to host Moulana Mumtazul Haq. His visit nevertheless went on without their support. 

Radio Islam was requested to air Moulana Mumtazul Haq’s programmes. Moulana Haider Dhorat, the station manager, made clear that they would not do so. This is not surprising. However, what may be shocking to many is the reason behind such refusal. 

Radio Islam and its mother body, the Jamiat at Fordsburg, rely on donations from a certain Kala family of Laudium. The Kala family are Shiah supporters or sympathisers. Radio Islam is afraid that broadcasting the firm anti-Shiah sentiments may offend their donor, who has threatened to withdraw funding. It is out of such fear that Moulana Dhorat has refused to air the strong condemnation of the Shiah. In short, it is Shiah supporters’ money that dictates what is aired on Radio Islam and what is not. 

Please comment. 

Walaykum Salaam


(End of the Sister's letter) 


There is nothing surprising in the shenanigans of these agents of Baatil and Shaitaaniyat (Satanism). The MJC, Radio Shaitaan, the NNB Jamiat and Daarush Shaitaan are all cogs in the Machinery of Baatil of Iblees.  They masquerade as Deeni personnel while they dig at the foundations of the Deen to undermine Islam. 

It is most despicable for these vile entities who pose as members of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah to  try and stifle the Voice of Haq  in which  the  Aalim was proclaiming  the Truth regarding  the  deviant and kufr sects, especially of Shi'ism which has become a menace in our society. 

The members of all these shaitaani entities are scholars for dollars, and in the words of the Hadith they are abdud dinaar wad dirham (the slave of  dinaar and dirham, i.e. of worldly wealth). 

Their devious and crooked ways and plots will never succeed to extinguish the Haqq, for Allah Ta'ala says in the Qur'aan Majeed: 

"They conspire to extinguish the Noor (Law/Shariah) of Allah with their (vile) mouths while Allah  wills to complete His Noor even though the kaafiroon detest it."

All of these supporters of baatil come within the purview of this aayat, and other Aayaat and Ahaadith.   They are among the Signs of Qiyaamah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that among the Signs of Qiyaamah  is  that people will pursue the dunya with deeds of the Aakhirah. They will cover their  evil worldly and nafsaani desires with an outer façade of the Deen. Salaam on those who follow the hidaayat of Allah.

15 Jamadil Ula 1435 – 17 March 2014

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