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Satanic Forces

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It is common knowledge that the world of the kuffaar is poised to obliterate Islam and the Ummah. Every Mu'min who performs Salaat regularly and keeps a beard or who dons Hijaab is automatically transformed into a 'terrorist'. In this meaning, all Mu'mineen of the Sunnah are proud 'Terrorists'. The Ummah is engulfed on all fronts by a variety of enemy and satanic forces.

One of the worst among the variety of these satanic forces is gross jahaalat – Muslim ignorance of the Deen aggravated by extreme poverty. Tens of Millions of Muslim chidren across the World of Islam are growing up as kuffaar. They are deprived of the very basic Deeni Ta'lem so essential and crucial for safeguarding their Imaan. Surrounded by inimical forces, especial the kufr governments and rulers, the growing up generations of children are being torn away from Islam. Millions of villages in the Muslim world are without even a single Maktab where children could acquire the knowledge of Imaan. Tahaarat, Salaat, Saum and the Qur'aan.  Tens of thousands of villages are without even a Musjid. Grinding poverty and crass jahaalat make these millions of Muslim children ready fodder for the Kufr machine operating in a variety of ways to deracinate Imaan and the Ummah.

In Africa, formerly Muslim majority countries are today majority Christian states. Irtidaad (becoming murtad) is a scourge sweeping the Muslim World. There is no way to stem this tide of kufr and irtidaad other than to establish Maktabs in such villages where children are totally deprived of the very basic requisites of Imaan.  In a wa'z (lecture) given by Hadhrat Shaikhul Hind Maulana Mahmudul Hasan (rahmatullah alayh) after he was released from his Malta imprisonment in exile, he said that the only way of saving Islam in the Indian subcontinent was to establish a Maktab in every village.  There should not be a single village without a Maktab, for without a Maktab the children will necessarily grow up as enemies of the Deen. The little Imaan such ignorant children may have is utterly extinguished by western education.

The Mujlisul Ulama as well as other concerned Muslim organizations having understood this absolutely dire need and SOS call are engaged in the Project of establishing Maktabs in different countries of the Muslim World. But, the combined work which all Muslim bodies are doing in this Sacred Project is a drop in the ocean. We are confronted by many obstacles and inimical forces all aligned against the Deen in a satanic conspiracy to destroy Islam.  It is therefore, the bounden obligation of all Muslims to assist in this noble effort – the Maktab Project.

The Maktab Project in this era of Muslim degeneration is the strongest and greatest bulwark of Islam. We call on the Ummah to open their hearts and brains to understand this Call and to contribute generously to save the Ship of the Ummah drifting rudderless in stormy oceans to its destruction right into the jaws of the enemy. Alhamdulillah, the Mujlisul Ulama has under its auspices several thousand Maktabs in several countries. Since the inception of this Project about 20 years ago, purely by the fadhl of Allah Ta'ala, a couple of million children have  acquired the basic Deeni Ta'leem to equip them against Satanism in the world of secularism and materialism into which circumstances  plunge them. Right now, we have two Maktab Projects for immediate execution. We trust that Muslims will generously contribute to achieve the materialization of these two modest Projects. 

PROJECT 1 - This Project is a plan to establish 50 Maktabs in a province in Pakistan where people bury without even ghusl and Janaazah Salaat. Ignorance is total. The cost of establishing one Maktab in this area is a mere R650 (US$80) per month, about R8000 a year. In terms of thawaab (the wealth of the Aakhirah), the reward for establishing a Maktab is immense. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

"Your (actual) wealth is what you have sent ahead (for the Aakhirah). What you leave behind is the wealth of your heirs."

With Maut, the Well of good deeds dries up. The mayyit (deceased) is then cut off from all goodness except the Duas of pious, obedient children and the Acts of Thawaab-e-Jaariyah (Perpetual accrual of thawaab – reward). Today, there is no better avenue of Thawaab-e-Jaariyah than to establish a Maktab which is either a hut, or someone's room or an existing

Musjid structure, or even just a roof of branches under which the extremely poor children sit and learn the very elementary requisites of the Deen to safeguard their Imaan. 

PROJECT 2 - This Project consists of 70 Maktabs, which we itend to establish in India. The need is imperative. Irtidaad is widespread in these remote villages of India. The cost of operating a Maktab in this particular area of India is about R400 (US$60) per month or R5,000 a year. The cost is less than operating a Maktab in Pakistan. 

We urge you to sponsor as many Maktabs as you can. In fact, there are many affluent Muslims in the country among whom even a single man can afford to assume the responsibility of all these Maktabs. We find the means for wasting considerable sums of money on unnecessary luxuries, holidays, vehicles, furniture, etc., but we lack the enthusiasm to spend in Allah's Path for Projects which are vital for the sustainment of the Ummah. Many parents spend more money than what it costs to run a Maktab for a 100 poverty stricken children of the Ummah on sweets, chocolates, drinks, etc. for their children. The little amount to run a Maktab is within the means of most Muslims in this country. So, for your own benefit in the Qabr and Aakhirah, sponsor a Maktab. Fill in your name in the attached form. Do make a firm commitment to support the Maktab monthly or annually.

You may deposit your contribution in our banking account monthly, or contribute the full yearly amount in a lump sum, or arrange with us to collect the cash.  If at any time you are unable to continue the commitment, you are under no obligation to continue. Your commitment does not make you a debtor. It is a pledge to Allah Ta'ala which you will not dishonour for any valid reason.

A Maktab caters for up to a hundred children. Just think of all the thawaab which will be accruing to you perpetually. May Allah Ta'ala grant you the taufeeq to open up your heart generously for your own everlasting benefit, and for Allah's Pleasure. You will need this currency of the Aakhirah there in Barzakh and Qiyaamah.   Was-salaam



R650 (US$80) monthly

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R400 (US$60) monthly

Name, address,  e-mail, fax and telephone of contributor

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Amount – Monthly contribution or lump sum for 12 months, etc.




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