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The most dreaded to SANHA of all the demands which the Muslim community is making, is sudden, unannounced inspections of the  haraam carrion chicken plants which this miserable Carrion Cabal  has halaalized.  Germane to the decades long haraam Carrion Chicken saga,  in so far as the ignorant Muslim masses are concerned, are three issues: 

(1) Tasmiyah: The unwary and the ignorant  rank and file in the Muslim community labour under the impression that Tasmiyah is recited on every chicken which is killed. Navlakhi, the carrion spin-doctor and some of  those in cahoots with him, peddle that this Fardh requirement is being fulfilled.  


(2) Electrical Shocking (Stunning):  The Carrion Cabal has duped the community into believing that only 'mild' shocks are administered – shocks which do not kill the chickens.


(3)   Severing the necessary neck vessels.  The SANHA Carrion Clique 'assures' the Muslim community that the necks of the chickens are  properly cut according to the Shariah.


(4)  The Scalding Tank:  The Carrion-Halaalizers have  tricked the community to believe that the water is 'lukewarm', hence it is permissible to defeather the chickens with all their najaasat (filth) encased intact within their carcasses whilst the chickens are immersed in the scalding tank.



Although these are not the only issues which are in massive conflict with the Shariah's system of Thabah, the SANHA charlatan molvies who have sold their souls to the devil – the SANHA scholars for dollars – have and are still  desparately  struggling to convince people that  the aforementioned  Waajib requisites  are  correctly  discharged.  However,  since not a single one of the four abovementioned requisites is  observed or discharged, SANHA is mortally scared of sudden and unannounced inspections by neutral persons unconnected with the Carrion industry. 

SANHA is 100% aware that all of the abovementioned four  conditions for the hillat (lawfulness/being halaal)  of the diseased chickens  are not being fulfilled, and that  in the current scenario prevailing  at the Carrion plants, it is impossible to  observe these  stipulations of the Shariah, SANHA  in cahoots with the  chicken-killing facilities, prohibits sudden inspections  by neutral persons of the community. Sudden inspections will expose the whole massive fraud of the haraam carrion chicken industry.

The norm at all the Carrion chicken plants is the impossibility of reciting Tasmiyah on very bird killed. The chickens  come whizzing upside down on a conveyer chain. The upside down position and  the speed of the conveyer-line  render it a virtual impossibility for a slauhterer to recite Tasmiyah  between  8 and 10 thounsand  times daily in the  filthy and nauseating  chicken-killing  environemt at the plants. Numerous slaughrerers have categorically  claimed this impossibility. They  have  admitted that they do not, and can not recite Tsmiyah on every chicken, hence wholesale neglect of the Tsmiyah is the norm at all the halaalized carrion plants.


Contrary to the falsehood  disgorged by the SANHA Carrion Cabal,  numerous chickens die  in consequence of the  strong electrical current shot through the  bodies of the sickly 'artificial' chickens. Thus, many dead chickens   come under the knives of the killers.



A shockingly high percentage of the chickens do not have their necks correctly slit as required by the Shariah. The speed of the conveyor-line, the upside down position of the chickens swinging on the line and  cutting in motion  render it impossible for the killers to  correctly slit the necks of the carrion chickens. Innumerable chickens  have only a nip made in their necks.



The Shariah requires that prior to immersing the chickens in scalding water for defeathering, the entrails and filth  should be compulsorily removed from the carcasses. Contrary to the lies  excreted by SANHA's carrion mobsters,  the  blood and feathers filthy water  in which the chickens are immersed is extremely hot, hence the tank is called 'the scalding tank'. It will scald any person who is dumped in the cauldron of  the boiling filth. 

In addition to these essential factors which  erroneously are considered to be the sum total of  the Shariah's Waajib Thabah system, there are several other important aspects related to Thabah, but which we shall not touch on in this article. The focus is on the aforementioned FOUR  acts which even ignorant Muslims understand to be the compulsorily requisites for  the hillat of the chickens. They do understand that if even one of these essential  acts is missing the chickens will be haraam carrion. 

To ensure that the public remains in deception and in the dark in this regard, SANHA has impressed on the Carrion Chicken plants  not  to allow any members of the Muslim public into  the  haraam killing facilities. Sudden unannounced  inspections by neutral members of the Muslim community will most certainly  confirm that:

  • Tasmiyah is not recited on the chickens or on the vast majority of the chickens.
  • The strong electrical current kills numerous chickens.
  • Innumerable chickens do not have their necks cut as required by the Shariah.
  • The   filthy-blood-filled scalding water is not 'lukewarm', but  so hot as to scald.

Occasionally mock and fraudulent 'inspections' are pre-arranged by SANHA. Such publicity stunts are  designed to willfully befool and mislead the Muslim community. The following happens at  any pre-arranged mock inspection undertaken by morons: 

  • The killers are instructed to move their lips, and if interviewed to speak 'holy' lies like Shiahs, regarding  the wholesale omission of Tasmiyah.
  • The electrical current is drastically reduced to ensure that  the chickens are not killed.
  • The speed of the line on which the chickens are suspended upside down is drastically reduced  to enable the killers to  cut the necks properly.
  • The tempertature of the water in the filthy scalding  tanks is  drastically reduced to  enable a stupid participatnt of the mock inspection to insert his hand into the stinking muck.

Since sudden unannounced inspections will expose the carrion fraud and  establish the truth, SANHA is mortally scared of allowing  such inspections.  Although even sudden unannounced inspections will not alter the stance which the Ulama-e-Haqq have adopted regarding the carrion chicken industry, at least it should be allowed for the sake of the masses. Such inspections will be the death-knell for the Carrion Mobsters.

24 Jamadil Ula – 26 March 2014


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