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Sanha's False 'clarification'

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In a frantic attempt to exonerate itself in the eyes of the Muslim community, SANHA, the haraam carrion halaalizer, has issued an “urgent clarification” statement to bamboozle and mislead the Muslim community. In the wake of the mounting opposition to its haraam/kufr action  instituted against Mufti A.K. Hoosen in the non-Muslim BCCSA (Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa), SANHA’s  statement of obfuscation contains  all the trade mark spinning which the Navlakhi-Lockhat clique perennially displays with its pack of lies designed to mislead the public. 

SANHA’S alleges: “The message  contained in the i-petition is inaccurate and very misleading.”

RESPONSE: The message in the i-petition is 100% correct. 

SANHA’S alleges: “SANHA’s complaint to the BCCSA ….was submitted to secure its right to respond to accusations and slander which was being regularly broadcast…….The complaint is against Multichoice.”

RESPONSE: Misleading and baseless. SANHA professes to be Muslim. If this has to be accepted, then SANHA has absolutely no right according to the Shariah. However, since the carrion clique is munaafiq, it  claims rights according to the kuffaar BCCSA code of conduct which the Shariah does not recognize. In terms of the Shariah, SANHA cannot  show any right which it has hallucinated in the wake of all the carrion substance abuse. If  SANHA believes that it is Muslim, let the  Navlakhi-Lockhat-Kalb Patel carrion cabal  present its Shar’i evidence for its imagined ‘right’. Which Shar’i right of the Carrion Cabal  was violated? Let SANHA  state with exactitude the accusation   and the slander which allegedly Mufti A.K.Hoosen had made. 

The claim that the “complaint is against Multichoice” is typical Navlakhi spinning – spinning falsehood to hoodwink the public. Multichoice is the provider. It has absolutely no truck with whatever Mufti A.K.Hoosen or any other presenter had broadcast. We speak  on the basis of the Shariah, not in terms of kuffaar rules  which SANHA has appropriated in a futile attempt to resuscitate its wrecked and ruined carrion image – damaged and demolished by Mufti A.K.Hoosen’s declaration unequivocally proclaiming all kuffaar commercially killed chickens HARAAM. This pronouncement is fatal poison for SANHA’s haraam carrion-halaalizing trade which nets millions of rands annually for the coffers and pockets of the Carrion Gang.  This huge haraam monetary boodle acquired by the haraam carrion-halaalizing trade fully justifies the SCHOLARS FOR DOLLARS designation which Mufti A.K.Hoosen has so aptly coined for the vile carrion-halaalizing villains who are not restricted to SANHA. 

The complaint in reality is NOT against Multichoice regardless of what the scrap papers state. The complaint is squarely against Mufti A.K.Hoosen. In its supplementary affidavit to the BCCSA, SANHA alleges: 

“Mufti (A.K.Hoosen) and the presenter, both of whom acted in the course and scope of their employment with the broadcaster, singled out only SANHA on the question of the certification of Halaal chicken.”

“Then again, on 22 April 2013, Mufti (A.K.Hoosen) issued a ruling that Rainbow chickens were impermissible and that the Ulama representing the Halaal certifying bodies were “scholars for dollars”.”

“Once again, on a Q&A program on 11 June 2012, Mufti (A.K.Hoosen), on a Channel Islam program, pronounced that 90%-95% of meat in Saudi Arabia is not Halaal and that Muslims must abstain from it.”

“The transcription itself demonstrates a highly emotive and partisan attitude by Mufti (A.K,Hoosen).”

“Relating to the Chairman of SANHA he (Mufti A.K.Hoosen) states: “You must remember, you confirm all this with Moulana Yusuf Patel. I waited six months to see if he will apologise. But he is my student, but ‘fatten the dog and it will eat you’, takes place sometimes.” This kind of personal attack on an individual on air likening the Chairman of SANHA to a dog is unwarranted, insulting………”

RESPONSE: The supplementary affidavit as well as the preliminary complaint (which was initially dismissed) is loaded with grimalkin grouses and grievance primarily against Mufti A.K.Hoosen, and the gravamen of  SANHA’s womanish complaint is  that Mufti A.K.Hoosen had proclaimed the carrion chickens HARAAM. Thus the contention of the complaint being against Multichoice which according to the Shariah is a total outsider, is  pure bunkum  designed to befool and befuddle Muslims. 

The KALB (DOG) epithet is Islamically justified. Whilst Kalb Patel is the Carrion entity’s ‘chairman’, he is Mufti A.K.Hoosen’s student. According to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the person who taught you one word of the Qur’aan is your master, and you are his slave.  Rejecting this categorical statement of Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the evil, munaafiq SANHA rushes to the kuffaar court to overrule Rasulullah’s decree which is nothing but pure Wahi.  If an Ustaadh  calls his student a ‘dog’ it implies no insult. The student (Kalb Patel in this case) who bares his  treacherous fangs against his Ustaadh, seek kuffaar assistance  for humiliating his Ustaadh (Mufti A.K.Hoosen in this case), is afflicted  with satanic pride. 

SANHA alleges: “SANHA has approached the BCCSA regarding the broadcasts of Cii which were regarded as defamatory and inflammatory to which the immediate right of response was not given nor were any remedial measures taken against the perpetrators of these action.”

RESPONSE: With kufr concealed in their hearts the SANHA carrion trio (Navlakhi-Lockhat and Patel) seek relief in the kuffaar BCCSA institution. Firstly none of Mufti A.K.Hoosen’s statements was  defamatory or inflammatory. The Mufti only said that the chickens were HARAAM and that the student who is out to devour his Ustaadh is like a Kalb (Dog). 

If SANHA had a genuine case in terms of the Shariah, why did it  rebelliously spurn the arbitration by Navlakhi’s own senior Ustaadh, Maulana Radhal Haq Saheb who is also the Ustaadh of Mufti A.K.Hoosen?  Not so long ago, SANHA had proclaimed that Maulana Radhaul Haq Sahib is the “Grand Mufti of S.A.” What has now happened to SANHA’s proclaimed “Grand Mufti of S.A.” Why has SANHA suddenly rejected the Grand Mufti of S.A. as being unfit for acting as the arbitrator in SANHA’s hallucinated  grievance? 

The spinning, falsehood and shaitaaniyat of the Navlakhi  clique should be abundantly  clear from just this one fact – the rejection by SANHA of the Shar’i arbitration process  proposed to be headed by the “Grand Mufti of S.A.” who is the senior Ustaadh of the Navlakhi and Mufti A.K.Hoosen. This one fact speaks volumes for the nifaaq, enmity and  shaitaaniyat of the Navlakhi clique. They are bent on seeking humiliation  for Mufti A.K.Hoosen in the kuffaar court. 

Since they are aware that they have no case in terms of the Shariah, they have run to the kuffaar BCCSA. SANHA is not prepared to have its imagined complaint adjudicated by the “Grand Mufti of S.A.” for the simple reason that it has no case. Thus, SANHA can find no Islamic Code of Conduct on which to base its complaint. Therefore, it is clinging to the kuffaar BCCSA code of conduct, hence  in its  supplementary affidavit states: 

“In essence, SANHA contends that the broadcast is in contravention of section 28.3 of the BCCSA code of conduct…”

Thus, SANHA admits that it guide in the matter is the kuffaar code of conduct, not the Shariah’s Code of Conduct. This then answers why SANHA is not prepared for the arbitration by Maulana Radhaul Haq, SANHA’s own proclaimed “Grand Mufti of S.A.”

For its hallucinated grievance, SANHA is baying for Mufti A.K.Hoosen’s blood, hence it  seeks “remedial measures against the perpetrators”, – primarily against Mufti A.K.Hoosen who has declared Rainbow and all  kuffaar commercial chickens to be HARAAM. 

In another typical example of Navlakhi-Spinning dance, SANHA states in its statement of obfuscation:

“Note Multichoice is a signatory to the BCCSA’s Code of Conduct and thus are not being taken to court nor is a judge being asked to rule on Islamic matters.” 

In a vain attempt to shift the public’s focus from SANHA’s actual target, namely, Mufti A.K.Hoosen, the Carrion Cabal has introduced the technicality of the ‘Multichoice’ dimension which Islamically speaking has absolutely no relationship with the imagined complaint of SANHA. 

Regardless of what SANHA says and what it wishes Muslims to swallow, the BCCSA is a kuffaar court which has been called on by SANHA to adjudicate on a matter of Shar’i import, viz., Mufti A.K.Hoosen’s declaration that the SANHA’s halaalized chickens are HARAAM and that his student, Yusuf Patel is like a Kalb. This is the bone of the contention which no amount of spinning by the spin doctor, Navlakhi will be able to obfuscate and sweep under the carpet. 

Since this haraam saga created by SANHA is not confined to Mufti A.K.Hoosen, it is incumbent on the Muslim public to criticize the haraam action of SANHA. The Muslim community should make its feelings on this matter known to the Carrion Halaalizer.

26 Jamadil Ula 1435 – 28 March 2014

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