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In the April 2014 issue of the magazine, The Muslim Woman, appear the following question and answer of SANHA, the carrion halaalizer: 

“Are Rainbow poultry products Halaal?”

Answering this question, SANHA states: 

“Rainbow value-added products (polony, Vienna, Russian, crumbed chicken, patties, etc., etc.) are no longer certified by SANHA due to the introduction of non-approved imported Brazilian poultry. Rainbow fresh and frozen chickens are still Halaal certified/approved by SANHA.”

The spinning and weaving of this shenanigan should not deceive anyone. The monetary stakes – the haraam boodle – are too high and dear to the Carrion Cabal to sacrifice for the sake of the Deen.  For SANHA, betraying the Deen and feeding the Ummah haraam, diseased carrion chickens is tolerable. But to lose the millions of rands of annual haraam income is intolerable. Hence by hook or by crook, the determination is to  sustain the flow of the haraam boodle into the coffers and the pockets of men who have lost their souls and destroyed their Imaan for the sake of  money – haraam money.

Despite acknowledging that Rainbow imports millions of haraam Brazilian chickens, this vile Carrion Halaalizer (SANHA) shamelessly peddles the satanic falsehood of part of Rainbow being ‘halaal’ and part haraam. How is it possible for  Rainbow ‘frozen’ and so-called ‘fresh’ chickens to be halaal, when  the company deals with millions and millions of haraam imported chickens, a fact so manifest and so clear that even Navlakhi, SANHA’s Spin Doctor is this time unable to spin a yarn to convince that Rainbow’s so-called ‘value-added’ products are halaal. With its back to the wall and with its  imagined credibility at an all-time low, SANHA is compelled to acknowledge that part of Rainbow is haraam. 

Muslims are required to utilize the bounty of intelligence Allah Ta’ala has granted them. What guarantee is there that these cheap, imported haraam chickens do not find their way into  the market – halaalized with SANHA’s haraam logo? Can Muslims trust the kuffaar with matters of Shar’i import when monetary considerations necessarily trump the demands of an alien religion – alien to Rainbow? 

In a mixed  scenario of haraam and ‘halaal’ (so-called, hallucinated ‘halaal), how is it possible for a Muslim organization to  proclaim the plant halaal? It should be clearer than daylight to Muslims that SANHA in its carrion halaalization industry is insanely driven by the lust for  the haraam money. It is therefore  snugly appropriate to label SANHA’s vile molvies Scholars for Dollars. 

How is it possible to repose confidence on a body which halaalizes the chickens of a company which deals in millions of haraam imported chickens? Muslims are expected to reflect and to guard their Imaan. Consumption of haraam utterly  ruins the  fibre of Imaan. Even a single morsel of haraam ingested into the body has fatal consequences for Imaan. 

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded  abstention from even Mushtabah (doubtful foods/money, etc.). Even Mushtabah food exercises a debilitating and destructive effect on Imaan and Akhlaaq. Now just imagine the disastrous effect of clear-cut haraam on the heart, body, mind and Imaan.  Rainbow and all commercially killed chickens are haraam. There is no doubt in this fact. These chickens are not Mushtabah. They are haraam diseased  carrion.  


9 Jamadith Thaani 1435 – 10 April 2014


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