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claim of deception

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 In a brazen, shameless claim of deception, SANHA, the Carrion Cabal, has claimed to be the representatives of the Ummah.  On its website, SANHA shamelessly peddles the following  haraam shenanigan:

“The South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) is an international organization, representing the Muslim Ummah on all matters pertaining to the general application of the term Halaal…….”

This Haraam entity which halaalizes carrion may claim to represent the carrion producing  commercial chicken-killing facilities such as Rainbow and Early Bird. But for it to claim that it represents the Ummah is a massive dastardly LIE and FALSEHOOD. This blatantly false and egotistical LIE is indeed a criminal offence perpetrated by this  vile entity whose evil so-called ‘ulama’, have absolutely no skin left on their faces as a direct consequence of feeding the Ummah diseased, haraam carrion chickens and other haraam carrion meat products.

This haraam claim speaks tons for SANHA being the forerunner for the SCHOLARS FOR DOLLARS  award. In fact, SANHA is annointed with the crown in the field of the haraam dollar-boodle pursuit which is the  prime and sole objective of this Haraam authority.

Who has appointed these shayaateenul ins as the representatives of the Ummah? From whence did they acquire or steal this title? This misrable Carrion Entity further states:

“SANHA’s membership comprises of leading Theological Bodies...”

This claim is a ludicrous joke. The so-called ‘theological bodies’ in cahoots with SANHA are  pure duds and drones – “dumb devils” - who need ta’leem in the masaa-il of Istinja, and counseling in their disease of Kitmaanul Haqq. A number of the duds on these ‘theological bodies’ are  KILAAB (DOGS) which are currently poised to consume and humiliate their senior Ustaadh at the behest of th Navlakhi-Lockhat carrion clique of SANHA.

The miserable, imbecile and jaahil so-called ‘theological bodies’ to whom SANHA refers, are nothing but rubber stamps for endorsing all the haraam carrion produced by the Navlaki mob of carrion halaalizers. The youngster decrepit and imbecile molvies on these ‘theological bodies’, shiver when the Navlakhi shaitaan speaks. When he wants a carrion ‘fatwa’, he simply barks a telephonic instruction to the imbecile jaahil molvies of his ‘theological bodies’, and the children of these ‘theological’ entities feel obliged to endorse and rubber stamp. These imbecile molvies are unable to distinguish right from left nor faeces from food, hence they rubber stamp just any ‘faeces’ which SANHA  wants to halaalize for gaining the haraam boodle.

SANHA has no credibility in South Africa. The Muslim community here is now fully apprized of the haraam carrion shenanigans of this evil shaitaani porganization which has over the years ruined all inhibition to haraam carrion chickens and meats which the Muslim masses  had prior to the  illegitimate birth of thse carrion halaalization bodies whose  sole objective is the haraam boodle which they suck from traders and the kuffaar entrepreneurs.

There is no greater La’nat (Curse) which has befallen the Muslim Ummah of South Africa than SANHA. Although the other carrion halaalizers here are also curses and scourges, they are miniature curses compared to the Iblees-in-Chief, SANHA the Carrion Cartel.

May Allah Ta’ala  remove this SANHA Scourge and Curse from the midst of the South African Muslim community. But let all Muslims, the world over, know and understand that SANHA does not represent even a minor sector of the Muslim Ummah of South Africa. It represents only the carrion-chicken producers and its imbecile, jaahil, paper ‘theological bodies’ who have to cringingly and obsequiously  rubber stamp all the  carrion ‘fatwas’ of SANHA.

11 Jamadith Thaani 1435 – 12 April 2014


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