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The Majlis had recently stated support for the Al-Jama’ah Party. Being a Muslim Party committed to being a Voice for the Muslim community should it reach Parliament, Muslims should vote for Al-Jama’ah. Brother Ganief Hendricks, the leader of Al-Jama’ah had  given us the assurance that his Party will NOT be part of the law-making process since  this is in conflict with the Qur’aan which declares:

“Those who do not  decide (make laws) according to  that (Shariah) which Allah has revealed, verily, they are the kaafiroon.”

Reiterating this policy, Brother Ganief in a letter dated 17 April 2014  to us, states: 

Our official policy is like the PAC not to take part in law making process. While their position relates to land issues our position is much wider as it is governed by the shariah and AL JAMA-AH will certainly be firm on this even if we have to walk out on debates. Where issues are raised it is to defend Muslim issues. Interviewers trip up Party spokesman I will place an embargo on our officials speaking and debating law-making and refer to me. All they have to say is that we are in the legislature as a defensive measure and we do not take part in law-making process. They must then refer further questions to me. I need to do a roadshow to more fully brief Party members and officials on our policy.

I have stated our policy on all radio stations Muslim and non-Muslim. This includes national radio. We are not challenged because PAC has same kind of policy. We are firm on this policy. The ANC adopted the same stance on a recent sanitation issue. So we are politically correct. Even the DA walks out.”

In view of this correct stance of the Party, Muslims should vote for Al-Jama’ah. It is a MUSLIM PARTY which promises to be a Voice for Muslims in Parliament. Presently, despite there being many Muslim members of parliament, not a single one speaks up for Islam or the Muslim community. It is therefore permissible and necessary to vote for Al-Jama’ah Party.

However, we must emphasise that it is not permissible for women to participate.

The statement, above, issued by Brother Ganief Hendricks, clarifies any misconception which has resulted from some statements of a party official.

18 Jamadith Thaani 1435 – 19 April 2014

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