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Carrion Halaalizers

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A justifiably irate and concerned Brother from Ficksburg, Free State, writes:

I have been following this “Sanha” debacle and mockery of our Deen.

I have a few comments and questions in this regard:

How is this farce “a win-win” situation, when the damage has already been done?

Sanha has disgraced and made a first class mockery of Islam in front of the kuffar.

They initiated a stupid baseless complaint to the BCCSA. The “complaint” is full of egoistic self-praise full of pride. It is evident that these organizations are only a money making machine and not interested in the well-being of the Ummah.

It’s mind-boggling to understand that if Sanha is on the right path upholding the Halaal status of poultry consumed by Muslims, then why are they so afraid and scared of what was aired on Cii?

Why do they jump when the Majlis writes about them?

They stooped so low to drag Cii and Mufti AK Saheb to the kuffar.

If they are on Haqq, why then resort to all these measures? Allah is All-Watching, All-Hearing- and the Haqq will prevail. Coming to the terms agreement upon:

Why should there be difference of opinion on matters pertaining to halaal/haraam? Its clear cut, if something is haraam, it is haraam, if it is halaal. Why are they legalizing haraam meat for Muslims to consume? “they agree to cooperate in the spirit of Islamic brotherhood”, this is utter nonsense, does this mean if Sanha is labelling a haraam product as halaal, the other should keep quiet and cooperate in this so called spirit??? If the Ummah is being misguided, should everyone else keep quiet, in the spirit of Islamic brotherhood?

I live in Ficksburg, in the Free State, where there is a KFC outlet owned by a non-Muslim, managed by a non-Muslim, run by non-Muslim staff, yet a lot of Muslims eat the haraam food from there, why? Because the outlet has a piece of paper called a halaal certificate. The situation is so bad that “an aalim” who is a principal at a local Madrassah eats there himself, what happens to the families of the 100 children under him. I personally enquired from the aalim on the halaal status.

His reply was as follows “from my own inquiry, it is doubtful on the basis that’s it is not fully halaal certified by any authoritative organisation. What they have is halaal certification of rainbow chickens, and a letter of binding obligation from their company that stipulates that they cannot obtain or purchase from any other source besides what they get supplied from”. “to me, they did show me their empty boxes, i would say the onus is on the individual, Allah knows best”

This is the state of the Ummah!!! The Ummah is eating anything and everything, be it haraam, be it stolen, anything goes….

A few months ago i personally saw 2 Muslims in a “NIHT” branded vehicle, eating there comfortably.

We, as the lay-Muslims blindly follow “aalims” and do as they say, even if they are leading us to jahannam.

We are told our Ibadaat and Duaas are not accepted on the account of what we eat.

So if the Ummah is eating haraam, the Duaas and Ibadaat are a waste, thus we see the demoralization of our youth.

Sins are the order of the day. The Imaan of the Ummah is at its weakest.

Just as it is too late that Sanha withdrew their complaint, it will be too late when Allahs Adhaab descends upon us.

I request your humble Duaas

Was salaam

(End of letter)

The Muslim public has awakened from complacency. Muslims are incrementally understanding and seeing the haraam shenanigans of SANHA and of all the other carrion vendors of this haraam ‘halaal’ certificate trade which halaalizes carrion. 


29 Jamadiyuth Thaani 1435 (30 April 2014)


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