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‘Lets leave all the Fatwas, lets leave everything else we are busy listening to the sacrifice and Qurbaani of Sahaaba (Radhiallahu Anhum), Nabie-Karrim (Sallahu alayhi wasallam) Sacrifice and all of that. With all this in mind, I ask you to compare this whole thing to a ship cruise, ‘Muslim ship cruise’ or Kaafir ship cruise whatever it may be. Can you marry the boat? Can you marry the boat on that boat? Leave everything else, leave which radio station is advertising, leave which presenters are going to be onboard, leave which Mufti said its permissible, leave all the technicalities and justification, leave all these things aside. This is our deen, what we read now (about the sacrifice of Sahaabah etc), is our Deen. This is the Asal this is the Mizaaj of Shariat. Now can you take this and marry it with the cruise? Does a cruise feature anywhere in this? Can you fit it in somewhere here? If you can fit it in then well and good and if you can’t fit it in then know that this type of thing is very far away from our Deen. Who can justify it, what fatwas can be passed, but at the end of the day this is not the Mizaaj of our Deen. This is not the Mizaaj of Shariah....

.. I am asking you, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself this question, that this is the history of my Deen, I am a Muslim, this is where I come from, Can I fit a cruise into this life of mine? This is how my life is supposed to be, Does this cruise feature anywhere in my life? Whatever answer you get, you practice on that. Ask your heart...

...Our Hadhrat (Ml. Yunus Patel Rahmatullah alayh) used to say, will we be comfortable with taking Nabi (Sallahu alayhi wasallam) to our homes right now?, If it was possible will we be comfortable?. And let him go through our whole house, go through our business, see how things are run etc. Do we think Nabi (Sallahu alayhi wasallam) will be comfortable in our house, in our Business? Now extend that question also to this, that you inviting this presenter, that presenter. If Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was alive would you have had the guts to go invite him for this? You calling it a Muslim cruise, like everything is 100% kosher, Islamic, permissible. So if it is a Muslim Islamic cruise would you have had the guts to go tell Nabi (Sallahu alayhi wasallam), I’ve got a complimentary ticket for you to come join us on this cruise? Huh? Will anybody have the guts???

So all these Fitnas, at the end of the day, is our capitalistic greed! We want to make money! So we will use anything, Souk! Curise! Whatever we can use, any name and give it an Islamic/ Muslim connotation and it will sell. Because Muslims got so much money they don’t know what to do with it... it’s a cruise, next year it will become something else.

We say it’s a Muslim cruise, why? Because we closed the casino, we closed the night club. But we know the next cruise they will open all this again, but it’s okay! It was filthy they’ll make it clean. It’s like now it tell you, we got a toilet, I’ll give supper in the toilet. I’ll clean it out and put a dastargaan there. Go sit it the toilet and eat! What’s the problem! After you done then we will use it as a toilet again. So will you go?

That’s exactly what they telling us, we got all this Haram things here, prostitution takes place here, there’s a night club here, strip club here, casino here gambling etc. But when the Muslims come well close all this and when the Muslims get off we will open it again....

That’s the one thing, the other is they say the food is all halaal, so the fellow goes and sits in the Casino, but he phones Hadhrat and asked if the food is all Halaal? He’s worried about the chicken, but he’s sitting in a Casino, that he’s not worried about!

So they say the food is Halaal and they closed the Casino etc and made Namaaz facilities. So now it became Muslim. So I want to know now every Muslim male and female that goes on this cruise, all the ladies are in purdah, so what are they going to do? are they going to split the ship in half? Men on one side and ladies on one side? With the dinning hall what are they going to do ? Make separate dining for ladies and separate dining for men? Or will everybody be sitting together and intermingling?

And what will they do with the swimming pool? So that aunt that paid her ticket and decides she wants to show her filthy body off and put on a swimming costume and dive in the pool, can any body stop her !? So how did it become Muslim? What is Muslim about it? This is my problem with it!

Those people going on cruises must go find out from  Muftis whether its permissible or not but don’t use Islam’s name and Muslim’s name because you want to fill your pocket. You want to make all the Muslims come so you say ‘Muslims curise’. There’s nothing Muslim about it! Nowhere in the Quraan Shareef nowhere in the Hadeeth Shareef were we told that we must make Muslim cruises. So don’t fool ourselves...

...May Allah (subhanawatallah) bless us with Qalbisaleem (pure, clean, thinking heart) where we can see right from wrong...

Take the money and go for Umrah no one is stopping you. Why do we have to start this, don’t we have enough fitnah. People in Madrassahs in Muslim Schools, we are getting reports. Muslims schools teachers are getting involved with one another, zina is  taking place you think it’s not going to happen on a ship, people are going for Umrah they committing Zina, think its not going to happen on a ship!...

...It’s all one big lie, we making a mockery of our deen, what we feel like making amal upon we make amal upon. What is not suitable to our nafs, we leave. Then we get this fatwa and that fatwa, today fatwas have become very cheap! Read Deen and see whether all these things fit in with the Mizaaj of our Shariat, do they fit in with the Mizaaj of our Deen.

Deen is Tabligh, Deen is Tassawuf, Deen is Ta’laam etc. Not all of this. This is all filth!....

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1 Rajab 1435 – 1 May 2014


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