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The West is up in arms against the Sultan of Brunei for having declared that henceforth the Law of the country will be the Shariah. The western kuffaar media has openly condemned Brunei for this historical move while western governments are issuing veiled threats. Responding to  all the rubbish and threats of the West, the Government of Brunei has issued the following statement:

"In your countries you practice freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, etc. It's in your constitution It's your political system, your national identity, your rights, your way of life. In my country, we practice a Malay, Islamic, Monarchical system and we're going to start practicing the laws of Islam, Sharia Law. Islam is in our constitution, our national identity, our rights, our way of life.

We may find loopholes in your laws and justice system and you may have found ours, but this is our country. Just like you practice your right to be gay, etc. for this world you live in now, we practice our rights to be Muslims for this world and the Hereafter. This is an Islamic country practising Islamic law. 

Why don't you worry about your kids being gunned down in schools? Worry about your prisons being unable to accommodate convicts. Worry about your high rate of crimes and DUIs. Worry about your high suicide and abortion rates. Worry about whatever it is that you should be worried about THERE.  Many religions are against homosexuality, it's nothing new. The moment you hear that Islam and Muslims making a stand and trying to reaffirm their faith, you judge, you boycott, you say that it's wrong, it's stupid, it's barbaric. Again, go back to those worries that you should focus on I've mentioned earlier.

Is it not wrong to legalize deadly weapons?  Is it not wrong to allow unborn babies to be killed?  Is it not wrong to allow a lifestyle that results in AIDS and discontinuation of the next generation?

Why do you care so much what's happening here in an Islamic nation when you didn't even bat an eyelid about the Syrians, Bosnians, Rohingyas, Palestinians, etc.? Thousands are being killed there and you don't care, not one is killed here under this Sharia Law, and you make a big fuss, even when the citizens here who are directly affected by it, accept it with peace. Punishments may be harsher but it does not mean it's easier to be carried out. There are processes to go through before an actual conviction. We are fine with it, we are happy."  Brunei United (End of Brunei's statement)

The declaration of Shariah Law in Brunei has indeed come unexpectedly and surprisingly. It is the fervent Dua of the concerned and  Deeni segment of the Ummah of the world that Allah Ta'ala  protects Brunei, the Sultan and  the populace from the marauding kuffaar predators of the Kufr West.  All Muslims should supplicate to Allah Ta'ala to grant Brunei a glittering success in this new Islamic venture. 

On earth, today, Brunei is the only country which has decided to adopt the Shariah as its law. Allah Ta'ala operates in wonderful ways unfathomable to us. Was-salaam

9 Rajab 1435 – 9 May 2014


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