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The Lakefield Musjid (Musjidul Ansaar) in Gauteng has become a platform for the conspiracies of the neo-Salafis who are in fact Salafis masquerading as Hanafis. While the Lakefield Musjid is a Musjid of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah, its Salafi imam, Maulana Mo'aaz is subtly spreading Salafi'ism, hence the Musjid has  been made available as a platform for the Zimbabwean Salafi, Ismail Menk as well as for other liberals and modernists.


On 18 April 2014, the neo-Salafi, Mo'aaz who happens to be the imaam of the Musjid, could not restrain his  nifaaq. He let drop his Taqiyah and Salafi pants to bare his hidden Salafi'ism. On that day Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias Sahib delivered a bayaan on the subject of Taqleed which is anathema to all these juhhaal Salafis. After the Jumuah Salaat, Mo'aaz with another layman Salafi/neo-Salafi character, one Dr.Makda, accosted Mufti Elias Sahib in hooligan style. These two munaafiqs masquerading as Hanafis, disgorged their Salafi venom. In their emotional state they had forgotten  about their Taqya doctrine. This obliviousness exposed their true Salafi hues. They let the cat out of the bag thereby conforming that they are Salafis masquerading as Hanafis.


We reproduce here the letter of Mufti Elias, which explains  the hooliganism of the two Salafis who had confronted him in the car park area.




Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam) has stated: "Deen is well-wishing (good counseling)." Respected Board Members Lakefield Muslim Jamaat We make duaa all is well.

As you are aware that on the 18th April 2014, I gave the Jumuah talk. (Masjid ul Ansaar) It was part of my series on Taqleed entitled "Towards understanding Taqleed - Part 5 The recording I presume is in your possession. 


1.     After the talk many met me as I left the Masjid who expressed appreciation;

2.      But, sadly only 2 viz,

a.       Moulana Muaaz and

b.      Dr Makda

Virtually accosted me before I reached the parking lot near the garage.

Both were rude, crude, un-ethical and behaved in a totally un-civilised manner towards me, for which I await an apology or Allaah's decision.

Basically in raised tones I was told that:

a.             I have rendered a great dis-service to Islaam by talking on this topic;

b.             I have rendered a great dis-service to the Muslims of Lakefield by discussing this topic;

c.             I have no right to speak on this topic.


1.      I was informed that the Lakefield Muslim Jamaat constitution states that they are from the Ahlus Sunnat Wal Jamaat to which I replied that this is exactly what I explained in the bayaan.

2.      I was told that the Lakefield constitution states that one has to follow one Imaam of Fiqh, to which I replied: "Then what is the problem for that is exactly what I expounded upon in the talk;

3.      Then Dr Makda shouted that also in the constition there is a clause that we have to adhere to the Deoband school of thought. Dr Makda was very upset with this clause and shouted: "are only the Ulema of Deoband on the right."

For me:

1.      This is history repeating itself. A few years ago when I spoke against the current day Salafis in Harare, Zimbabwe then the only group that objected was the Menks and their party.

2.      I have been hearing a lot about Moulana Muaaz being a Salafi but gave him the benefit of the doubt, now I am fully convinced that he is a hard core Salafi, hidden, smooth talking and practising Shia Takiyya (holy deception).

3.      I am astonished to hear Dr Makda instruct Moulana Muaaz not to allow speakers like me on the Jumuah platform. Thus allowing a free hold to non Ahlus Sunnat Wal Jamaat speakers which is already happening in Masjid e Ansaar in Lakefield.

My humble suggestions:

1.        Relieve Moulana Muaaz from his post as he is a Salafi;

2.        According to old Senior Salafi Schoars that Salafism leads to Qadianism and Atheism. We add Salafism is a stepping stone to 'Mamatism', then 'Shiasm', then Qadianism.

3.        By now you may have Shia elements within your ranks. Kindly identify them and remove them.

4.        Please weed out the Salafi personnel from your board.

5.        Allow Ulema on the Jumuah platform to promote the doctrine of the Ahlus Sunnat Wal Jamaat.

6.        Allow Ulema to expose the evils of Shiasm.

7.        Allow Ulema to expose the reality of Qadianism.

8.        Allow Ulema to expose the falsehood of Salafism.

9.        Allow Ulema to expose the pitfalls of Mamatism.

10.    Allow Ulema to expose the wrongs of Maududism.

11.    Allow Ulema to expose the dangers of Bidaat (that it leads and has already led to Shirk in areas where it was not exposed).

It will be sad to see the day when due to just a few Salafi members the Lakefield Masjid (Masjid e Ansaar) will be labelled as a Salafi Masjid and Lakefield Muslims branded as Salafis.

Also I humbly require a clarification as to which part of my bayaan was against Islaam, against the Quraan and Sunnat and against the Adilla (proofs) of Shariat.

After this nasty and ugly altercation between your members and myself, I have received many queries to which this clarification of mine will reach.

I earnestly make duaa that Allaah strengthens you all to make the Shari valid decisions. Also note that many of the Musallees are not aware of the wrong beliefs of these few and are being corrupted by them. The quicker this is addressed, the safer the community will be against Baatil (incorrect) beliefs and practices.

May Allaah guide us all.

Awaiting your response.

Your well wisher in Islaam.
A.H.Elias (Mufti)

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