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Question: A student mufti in an article comments as follows on the Ahaadith which appear in Hidaayah:

“In brief, there is no doubt that al-Hidaya contains narrations that are extremely weak and often untraceable. It was for this reason that scholars such as 'Allamah al-Zayla'i penned books in locating, grading and consolidating those reports, like Nasb al-Raya. Furthermore, 'Allamah Zayla'i, in many instances was compelled to throw the towel in as well, confessing his inability to locate some of those narrations. Thereafter, when Hafiz lbn Hajar wrote his abridgment of Nasb al-Raya, al-Dirayah, he located many reports that 'Allamah Zayla'i failed to, but he as well was unsuccessful in numerous places. Shortly after, 'Allamah Qasim ibn Qutlubugha wrote a book entitled, Munya al-Alma’, as a completion in locating further reports, and amazingly he found approximately forty such reports. Very important  to note that 'Allamah Qasim mentions that many people claim that Ali al-Marghinaani (Sahib al-Hidaya) mentioned reports that are not found, however many of these reports are found in the works of the early Mujathids, like lmam Muhammad in his al-Asl, with Asaaneed.

In the al-Jawahir wa al-Durar of 'Allamah al-Sakhawi there is one place where Hafiz lbn Hajar was asked regarding such books of fiqh which contain reports that we cannot find nowadays or very weak narrations, so he replied that there are three possibilities: 1. it is authentic according to him 2. The books containing those narration were destroyed during  the Tatar invasion. l can't remember the third answer he wrote, but you get the point. Finally, you should read al-Ajwiba al-Fadila of 'Abd al-Hayy al-Laknawi he addresses a similar issue.”


The character who wrote  the rubbish regarding  Hidaayah is a moron. In Islamic parlance such morons who pose as 'muftis' are termed  'mufti maajin'.  Shaami dubs  deviates and morons of this ilk, Haatibul Lail (gatherer of wood in the darkness of the night). Without  the slightest hesitation we can safely contend that  shaitaan has  colonized the brains of this moron who  dared to write  his khuraafaat against the illustrious Mujtahid, Saahib-e-Hidaayah. Before having embarked on his exercise of satanism, he should have  supplicated for thorns to grow on his tongue. That would have been infinitely superior than the   shaitaani drivel which he has uttered. 

Allaamah Zayla-ee (rahmatullah alayh) is a peanut in comparison with Saahib-e-Hidaayah. His kitaab,  Nasbur Raya,  has no pedestal in relation to Hidaayah.

 Be assured that every Hadith which Saahib-e-Hiddayah cites as  the Mustadal for any mas'alah, is a confirmed Saheeh Hadith.  The illustrious Fuqaha are not subservient to the Hadith classification science of the Muhadditheen. The Fuqaha were Muhadditheen in their own right, and the Muhadditheen were subservient to them in practical implementation of the ahkaam of the Shariah. It was not the other way around.


Moron 'muftis' are agents of Iblees. Shaitaan has harnessed them into his nefarious plot to dismantle the Deen with the aid of  juhala who have suddenly become 'muftis'. These jaahil 'muftis'  suffering from the hallucination  of being mujtahids lack the ability of even  reciting correctly the texts of the kutub. They halaalize alcohol, carrion and riba with hollow and deceptive arguments by means of which they dupe the  Toms, Dicks, Harrys, Jills, Janets, and Janes. They are the wolves leading the  ignorant masses to Jahannam with their corrupt 'academic' expertise.


Allaamah Zayla-ee's "throwing in of the towel" is a clear admission of his knock-out defeat, and lying ignominously  sprawled at the illustrious and mubaarak feet of Saahib-e-Hidaayah. If Allaamah Zayla-ee had to be reborn, he would not reach the mubaarak toes of Saahib-e-Hidaayah. His inability to locate the   sources of  the Ahaadith which constitute the Mustadallaat of Hidaayah, speaks volumes for  his mediocrity in the  stupendous field of Ilm in which Saahib-e-Hidaayah excelled and operated. 

This miserable  mufti maajin is  too darn stupid to  understand that  the appearance of a Hadith in Hidaayah is by itself the highest  degree of authenticity. The fact that a Hadith found its way into Hidaayah, is  clear testification for its  authenticity. But  stultified brains  are incapable of comprehending this simple fact stated by the illustrious Fuqaha.  He lacks understanding of the concept of  Talaqqi bil Qubool. This fellow should concentrate on  gaining better expertise in the masaa-il pertaining to the rudimentary acts of Istinja. 

He has not  yet set foot in the kindergarten of  Ilm at the higher level, yet his jahl constrains him to wag his insolent and najis tongue against  a Waarith-e-Nabi of the lofty status of Saahib-e-Hidaayah. 

The inability  of  Ibn Hajar to locate the sources of  the Ahaadith casts no aspersion on the integrity of Saahib-e-Hidaayah nor detracts from the authenticity of the Ahaadith of Hidaayah. On the contrary, it  illustrates the  deficiency if the research of Ibn Hajar (rahmatullah alayh). It is a monstrous  stupidity to fault a Hadith on the basis of one's deficient research or inability to locate  specific information. If an authority says that “I did not or I cannot locate it”,  it does no flow from this confession of ‘throwing in the towel’ that the Ahaadith cited by Saahib-e-Hidaayah are Daheef  or Maudhoo’. If Zayla-ee and Ibn Hajar did not succeed in discovering the sources of the Ahaadith which Saahib-e-Hidaayah had ascertained and confirmed centuries prior to their appearance, it will then be only a moron who will contend that th Ahaadith in Hidaayah are ‘weak’ or ‘fabricated’. 

Both possibibilities  postulated by  Allaamah Sakhaawi  fully vindicate the authenticity of the Ahaadith of Hidaayah, and explain the reasons for the gross inability of the later critics  in locating the sources of the Ahaadith narrated in Hidaayah. 

May Allah Ta'ala save the Ummah from the villainy and shaitaaniyat of these  cardboard  maajin 'muftis' who are today available two for a cent. They are churned out like sausages.


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