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From ‘halaal’ carrion to ‘halaal’ liquor to ‘halaal’ pork, and now ‘halaal’ prostitutes!!! This is the logical conclusion of the progression of the ‘halaal’ certificate industry of Iblees whose agents in South Africa are SANHA,  MJC, NIHT, ICSA and now a new contender and  competitor, a Cape Town based outfit called Shura Assistance and  Relief Trust. SANHA must  gear itself for stiff competition in  the carrion industry.

Shaitaan spins his web and lays his snare  gradually. By degrees he  enmeshes these vile scholars of dollars into his  evil trap. Halaalization of Haraam is a sign of Qiyaamah predicted by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The time  has yet to dawn  when the ‘Ameer’ of the Muslims will fornicate in broad daylight on the Mimbar in the Jaami’ Musjid of Damascus. Thus, ‘halaal’ prostitutes are no longer surprising.

Certificates will yet be issued for ‘halaal’ zina. The stage is being set by the SANHA dajjaal with its ‘halaal’ synthetic liquor. Zina is the logical consequence of liquor.

Consumption of all the haraam halaalized carrion chickens  and carrion meat of SANHA has completely effaced every vestige of  Imaani inhibition to haraam. Haraam now  tastes delicious.  In the wake of halaalization of haraam  junk food and carrion,  comes halaalization of haraam deeds. Indeed, the dark clouds of Athaab are overhanging the Ummah and  the collision with  Qiyaamah does not appear to be in the too distant future. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on this fallen, disgraced and rebellious Ummah.

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