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A Concerned Brother, calling himself Haqq Seeker, presents the following Naseehat of Haqq for Muslims who are trapped in the fisq and fujoor of the Yahood and Nasaaraa:




Some years back, during one of the World Cup football tournament seasons, Coca-Cola came up with an ingenious ad campaign. All major cities and towns were adorned with billboards and posters.

Right now, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is in progress. While the Precious Holly Month of RAMADHAN is just around the corner, our Muslim brothers and even sisters are busy watching the ongoing matches either on the conventional small-screen  TVs or in ‘theatres’. Yes that’s true. Equipped with wide screen TVs, some of our Muslim homes’ living rooms have become ‘theatres’. Some of us are watching these games in the company of our parents and even grandparents while others are watching them in the company of our grown up children and even grandchildren.

Quite a few of us have gone well-past that stage of eating football, sleeping football and drinking coca-cola. Besides eating, sleeping and even drinking football (not Coca-Cola), we dream, we chant, we hymn, and we even recite football. We have gone so crazy about the sport that our entire life seems to be revolving around the game.

The games will continue throughout half the Ramadhan that includes the first ashra (ten days) of Ramadhan, which reflect the mercy of Almighty Allāh. It will then enter the second ashra and carry on for half of this ashra which represents forgiveness of Almighty Allāh. So instead of invoking Allāh’s Mercy and Forgiveness in those days, we will be watching football players, totally foreigners  to us spiritually as well as personally, dribbling the ball while part of their thighs are exposed.

The sad part is we have now taken the game to our Masājid as well. This is no exaggeration. Our youth are seen animatedly discussing the game they might have watched the previous night at any place in the precincts of a Masjid – be it the place of doing Wudhu or even the Masjid’s main hall.

The deplorable condition in which Muslims are already stagnating in the morass of corruption and degeneration, are now steadily sinking into greater destructions. The Ummah is smitten with this devastating disease of watching the Kuffār teams (and also teams from a couple of Islamic countries) playing football. The moment a player from a country they are supporting scores a goal, the members of the Muslim Ummah, watching the action on a small screen or a wide screen, go into a state of frenzied excitement. They are not even bothered that these actions are gradually destroying their moral and spiritual fiber, are sapping their lifeblood and are rendering them like slaves of the Kuffār.

Looking at the situation from another angle, we can easily judge that this, in fact, is the ‘Kuffār Goal’ - to bring the Ummah crashing down from its position of grandeur and glory, which once was its hallmark, to the abominable state of spiritual as well as moral devastation. Furthermore, it’s the same Kuffār community that leaves no stone unturned to smear and tarnish the image of the Deen of Islām and the person of Muhammad (Sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam), the greatest personality in the human history.

So the next time you watch on a wide screen a Kuffār scoring a goal in the net, you must realize that you have, in fact, brought the Kuffār a step closer to achieving their goal of morally and spiritually destroying the Muslim Ummah.

…and Allāh Ta’ala Knows Best.

(End of the Brother’s Naseehat)


Even the najaasat, fisq and fujoor of the Yahood and Nassara are items coveted by Muslim bootlicking juhhaal who are prepared to barter away their Imaan for  enslavement to the western kuffaar. This is the age about which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that an age will dawn when Muslims will  emulate and follow the Yahood and Nasaara into the “lizard’z hole”. If the Yahood and Nasaara consume faeces, these juhhaal Muslims will follow suit and consider it honourable and fashionable  to  ingest faeces. Wala houla wala Quwwata il la bil laahil azeem! 

All the immorality, fisq and fujoor which have physically, morally and spiritually wrecked and ruined the Muslim masses are the vile perpetrations of the Agents of Iblees – the television, radio and sport-organizing scum molvis who are destined to drink of Teenul Khabaal of Jahannamis.

28 Sha’baan 1435 - 27 June 2014


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