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"On the holy Night of Eid, there was a Na't and Nazam Jalsah organized in Nurul Islam Musjid in Lenasia. I have never heard of such 'entertainment' before in a Musjid and that too on the Night of Eid. We are seeing more and more of these types of entertainment in the name of Islam taking place in the House of Allah. Personally, I rather stay at home than  attend the Musjid to listen to such evil entertainment. Please  enlighten Muslims in this regard." (End of letter)

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: "Sinning on the Day of Eid is like sinning on the Day of Qiyaamah."

What these vile, miserable qawwaals, clowns and comedians  are  perpetrating  in the House of Allah with the collusion of the fussaaq, fujjaar trustees and Imaam are major sins of an aggravated nature. The singers, trustees, imaam and the listeners are all under Divine Curse for polluting and desecrating the Musjid and the Night of Eid with their haraam singing antics.

These evil  merrymaking functions are  increasingly being organized in the Musaajid. The ulama-e-soo' are the primary scoundrels responsible for this morally decadent state of the Muslim community.  There remains not an iota of Fear for Allah Ta'ala  and respect for the Musaajid in the  polluted hearts of these scoundrels who encourage the stupid public to gratify their bestial nafs in the Musjid listening to the din and nafsaaniyat of the  shaitaani singers.

The Nights of Eid are auspicious occasions of ibaadat. These Nights have not been bestowed to us  for squandering in sin and futility. The moments of these great Nights are to be utilized for ibaadat in the privacy of the home. The Nights of Eid are more superior to even the Night of Qadr, yet these vile rubbishes pollute the Musjid, the Night and the stupid audience with their evil acts of futility. They should  seek employment in some circus to display their  nafsaani stunts.

While Allah Ta'ala descends to the Sama of the Dunya (the  lowest  heaven) on these wonderful Nights, calling His servants to supplicate to Him, these qawwaal rubbishes call the morons of the community to assist them in the shaitaani act of desecrating the Night and the Musjid, and to despoil the hearts of the juhala. During these auspicious Nights of Noor (Celestial and Spiritual Light), the scoundrels are drowned in zulmat (spiritual darkness). They sway an swoon fully under the spell of Iblees whilst listening to the raucous din of the  stupid qawwaals.

The Musjid is  the holy venue for ibaadat to be  rendered in silence. It is  or supposed to be an Abode of Serenity. But today, the evil people among the masses and the fussaaq trustees and the vile imaams and ulama-e-soo' have transformed the Musaajid into market-places, flea markets and haraam concert halls for merrymaking. Another evil which has developed in the community recently is the group merrymaking functions called 'I'tikaaf'. The Musjid is transformed into a camping site for haraam merrymaking. Insha-Allah, we shall deal with this evil in a separate article.

May Allah Ta'ala have mercy on this lost and humiliated Ummah.

2 Shawwaal 1435 – 29 July 2014


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