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Hilaal Obligation on Muslim Community

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Whenever the moon is seen daily, it is Sunnat to recite a Dua, the translation of which is: "O Allah! I seek refuge with you from the evil (sharr) of the darkness of this object (the moon)." The sharr (evil) of the moon appears to have become embedded in the brains of  these entities masquerading as representatives of the Deen. It is for this reason that the moon is being utilized by the miscreant bodies for ulterior worldly and nafsaani  motives. 

This  Islamic year (1435), considerable doubt has generated around the circumstances  of the Johannesburg hilaal-sightings and the NNB Jamiat's announcement. We at Mujlisul Ulama, had accepted  the announcement, not on the basis of the word of the NNB Jamiat, but on the confirmation by the Waterval Islamic Institute (Mia's Farm). However, it has transpired that Waterval Islamic Institute had made its confirmation on the basis of the NNB Jamiat's announcement. 

It should be made clear that we attach no credibility to the word of the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg and its  paper puppet, Bogus 'uucsa'. Such  important injunctions of the Shariah as  Ramadhaan and Eid may not be  determined on the basis of the claims and testimony of  the Fussaaq of the NNB Jamiat/Bogus 'uucsa'. 

Initially, there was  no apprehension and the Muslim community with the exception of a segment of the Qabar Pujaari community in Durban, accepted the news and celebrated Eid. The doubts and uncertainty were not raised by us, but by numerous Muslims and organizations  all over the country. In view of  the developing controversy, the NNB Jamiat, felt constrained to issue a statement in its defence, hence  on the 'stolen' letterhead of its puppet, paper body, 'uucsa',  the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg  circulated its statement in self-vindication. 

Defending itself, the NNB Jamiat asked: "What conceivable benefit will the  Ulama derive from fabricating the sighting of the moon?"

It is well-known that  the NNB Jamiat  led by Reverend Abraham Bham has for years endeavoured to forge Eid together with Southern African states. The Reverend has a voracious appetite for hubb-e-jah (love of cheap and despicable  name and fame). He ids perennially  present at numerous futile, immoral and  haraam functions and gatherings seeking the limelight to exhibit himself. Hitherto this gang has been thwarted from the realization of their dream of being the sole representatives of the Ulama Fraternity of South Africa and of the Muslim community.

The moon is now being used as a stratagem or as a plot to achieve the despicable ulterior motive of leadership and Eid with Saudi Arabia where hilaal-sighting  is not the determinant  for commencing Ramadhaan and celebrating Eid.

The NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg felt it imperative to vindicate its position, hence  its elaborate statement to establish credibility which it lacks.

Disgorging a  contemptible  falsity, the NNB Jamiat states in its circular: "South Africa enjoys a Hilaal verification structure which is difficult to find anywhere  else in the world.(sic!) The Central Hilaal Committee is made up of two individuals from each of the seven affiliate members of uucsa (Bogus ucsa –The Majlis)"

This is pulling wool over the eyes of the Muslim community. There is no such "Hilaal verification structure" on the ground in South Africa. The  'structure' about which the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg boasts is a paper structure having no existence on the ground. The best hilaal structure in South Africa is  in Cape Town known as  the Maan Kykers (Moon Sighters). They have been in existence for generations. Although the Maan Kykers are affiliated to the MJC,  they (the Maan Kykers) rejected the decision of NNB Jamiat's uucsa on the moon issue. This is evidenced  from the minutes of the meeting which Bogus uucsa held recently in Tongaat.

The NNB Jamiat was piqued by the Maan Kykers' rejection of  Bogus uucsa's  moon-announcement decision. Thus the NNB Jamiat's clique lamented at the meeting: 

"The MJC however needs to clarify the exact status of the maankykers who have historically played a very significant function in the monthly sighting of the moon. However, it seems that despite the MJC's assurance that they function as a subsidiary of the MJC, the fact that they did not accept UUCSA's reviewed moon announcement a few months ago indicates that they operate autonomously from the MJC. Ml E Bham will seek clarity from the MJC on the matter." 

This year, although the Johannesburg sighting was allegedly confirmed even before  the actual Maghrib Salaat was performed, and also by a handful of  alleged sightings elsewhere immediately after Maghrib Salaat,  the NNB Jamiat delayed its  announcement  until after an hour into Isha' time. What was the reason for this delay? The reason is not a conundrum for those who understand the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the NNB Jamiat displaying its bogus uucsa banner. The  desire of these rogues is not obedience to the Shariah. Their insane craving is to forge a hallucinated 'unity' at all cost, because  such a fake unity promises leadership to the Reverend Abraham Bham. But, without the Maankykers  approval, there  would be no 'united' Eid. If the Maan Kykers had held firm as they had last year, Eid would not have been celebrated on Monday 28th July. 

The NNB Jamiat delayed in making its announcement in anticipation of gaining the approval of the Maan Kykers who are not part of Bogus uucsa's hallucination of  its world-best 'hilaal verification structure'. The Maan Kykers are entirely independent, having existed for many generations. Reverend Abraham Bham had applied pressure on his MJC cohorts to twist the arm of the Maan Kykers into an agreement – to accept the NNB Jamiat's announcement. To this they very reluctantly succumbed.  Once the the NNB Jamiat shenanigans had accomplished the goal, Reverend Bham made the announcement very belatedly.

 In its statement, Bogus uucsa states:

"The horizon was extremely clear. There was not a cloud in sight and no haze at all. Uucsa (i.e. Bogus uucsa) is satisfied that the moon was sighted by a total of twenty two individuals in 5 different locations of Gauteng…"

Gauteng  has approximately  a quarter million Muslims or more. The skies were "extremely clear with not a cloud and no haze at all." Why did only 22 individuals sight the moon in such  favourable conditions when  thousands of Muslims throughout the province  must have been eagerly searching for the Eid moon? 

When sighting conditions are extremely favourable, the Shariah stipulates for the validity of the sighting Jamm-e-Ghafeer. That is,  such  large crowds whose testimony cannot be discounted or attributed to  falsehood. The 22 persons scattered  in five  different locations do not fulfil the Shariah's requisite of Jamm-e-Ghafeer. Thus, if   sighting  conditions  are so favourable as Bogus uucsa  has affirmed, and two persons of Hadhrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu)'s and Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu)'s  status and calibre testify to having seen the halaal,  Eid  will NOT be declared, not because falsehood is attributed to men of such sterling  and lofty character, but because the Shariah's requisite of  Jamm-e-Ghafeer is not fulfilled. 

In view of the shenanigans which  the  MJC-NNB Jamiat  clique perpetrates, we shall make other   Shar'i arrangements  for confirming the Islamic months. There shall be no reliance on the announcements of the NNB Jamiat or its paper puppet, Bogus uucsa. In the circumstances  Eid on different days must be accepted as the consequence  of  the stance and command of the Shariah, especially in view of the fact that it is not permissible for the Shaafi' community to  go by the  sightings of other cities and towns. 

For the sake of  achieving a baatil 'unity' for gratifying ego,  the NNB Jamiat-MJC cartel of fussaaq has no care for the Shariah. To achieve their haraam hubb-e-jah objective, they are prepared to scuttle the Shariah to which almost a million Muslims of the Shaafi' Math-hab adhere. This is a grave issue with which  one may not trifle. The miscreants of the NNB Jamiat-MJC clique are playing with Fire with their interference with the Shariah designed to  scuttle the Haqq. Following in the footsteps of the ulama-e-soo' of Bani Israaeel, the evil 'ulama' of the NNB Jamiat and MJC, are concealing and obfuscating the Haqq with baseless arguments to interpret away and scuttle the Ruling of the Shaafi' Math-hab on the vital issue of hilaal-confirmation. According to the Shaafi' Math-hab, the sighting of a place 48 miles away, whether  on the east or west, is not valid.  Only sightings within a radius of 48 miles are valid and binding in terms of the Shaafi' Math-hab. But, the satanic 'unity'  principle evolved by Reverend Abraham Bham motivated by an ulterior agenda, is given 'divine' status and order to abrogate the Shariah of Allah Ta'ala as interpreted and understood by the Shaafi' Fuqaha. 

According to the Shaafi' Math-hab the overriding principle is: For every city/town is its own sighting. This principle is not in conflict with the Hanafi Math-hab. It is the principle  explicitly stated by Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Abbaas (radhiyallahu anhu). Insha-Allah, the Shaafi' Math-hab's  stance shall be elaborately presented in a book on this issue to refute and debunk all the ghutha which hybrid 'shaafi'  molvi-sheikhs and duktoors proffer in vindication of their baatil 'unity' hallucination.

 The Musjlisul Ulama of S.A. shall, Insha-Allah, keep the Muslim community informed  of  further developments and offer Shar'i guidance. There is too much nafsaani (egoistical) politics governing  and contaminating  the Deen. We are living in an age about which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:   "The dunya will be pursued with acts of the Aakhirah." In other words, the ulterior motives of the nafs will be pursued under Deeni guise. Muslims, especially the ulama-e-soo', are denuding  the Deen of Haqq.

15 Shawwaal 1435 – 11 August 2014


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