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'Palestine' Dinner

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In these times the word ‘palestine’ has become a concept – the concept of halaalizing  haraam. Anything made Haraam by Allah Ta’ala is made ‘halaal’ in the name of ‘palestine’ by the ulama-s-soo’ and their juhhaal cohorts. 

A haraam fund-raising dinner is being organized in “aid” of Palestine. The highlight of the haraam, stupid dinner is to dine with a kaafir doctor who wallows in physical and spiritual janaabat. 

Muslims have lost almost all of their Imaani bearings. They follow and bootlick just every kaafir, faasiq, faajir and enemy of Islam who shoves their heads in a bag of deception with some sweet and emotional rhetoric. 

Instead of Inaabat Ilallaah (Turning in repentance to Allah Ta’ala),and supplicating for his aid, Muslims are following the kuffaar into the “lizard’s hole” where they will suffer only further humiliation. 

The ticket price to attend the haraam, mal-oon dinner is R250. Whoever buys a ticket  to attend the haraam dinner is a hypocrite. If he/she labours under the impression that he/she is aiding the Palestinians with R250, he/she dwells in self-deception. For contributing R250 to the Palestinian cause is it necessary to attend a haraam dinner organized by  kuffaar and fussaaq? If the  intention is sincere to aid Palestine, why can the R250 not be donated without the need to organize a stupid haraam dinner? Instead of  perpetrating self-deception, acknowledge  that participants in the haraam function are paying R250 for self-gratification – to attend a merrymaking, nafsaani party which is halaalized in the name of Palestine.

27 Shawwaal 1435 – 23 August 2014

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