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Pamphlet of Fitnah

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Assalamu alaikum

3 Zul-Qa’dh 1435
29 August 2014




A pamphlet of FITNAH, captioned THE BOGUS UUCSA DEBACLE – THE JAMIAT KZN’S MISDIRECTED GRATUITOUS PONTIFICATING, purporting to have been issued by us, namely, the GENUINE UUCSA, Registered No. 2011/15858, is a FORGERY fabricated by the Unholy Trinity for creating FITNAH  and sowing dissension in the Muslim community.

The satanic triumvirate comprising of personnel of the NNB Jamiat under the devil’s aegis of Reverend Abraham Bham, SANHA and Radio Shaitaan forged the fitnah letter on to our letterhead. Genuine UUCSA, Registered No. 2011/15858 is not the author of the fabrication.

We have not issued any statement to criticize either the Jamiatul Ulama KZN or Maulana Ahmad Mohamedy, the President of the Jamiat. We further state in clarification of the confusion and fitnah caused by the impure (napaak-najis) triumvirate consisting of the reverend and fussaaq and fujjaar crank movis, that the Jamiatul Ulama Kwazulu-Natal is an affiliate member of Genuine UUCSA, not of the paper Bogus uucsa under whose name operates the NNB Jamiat.

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