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Assalamu alaikum

7 Zul-Qa’dh 1435
2 September 2014


Regardless of trappings and camouflaging external veneers, a BOGUS remains a BOGUS. A crow can not become a pigeon regardless of being plastered with pigeon feathers. It can not conceal its impersonation and deception for too long. It must necessarily betray its own fraud to confirm its BOGUS reality. BOGUS ‘uucsa’ of the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg under Reverend Abraham Bham, the Cross Worshipper, has been desperately struggling to portray itself as the ‘umbrella’ body for the Ulama of South Africa. The following admissions made by this BOGUS entity confirm its falsehood and contemptibility.

At a secret meeting convened by BOGUS ‘uucsa’ in Tongaat, the under mentioned statements and confessions were made:

1. “FINANCE – No financial report was tabled as the Treasurer was not able to attend the meeting. None of the Members have paid their membership due for 2013 and 2014. The Treasurer will be asked to send out statements to each member requesting for payment of ALL outstanding dues.”

2.  “National Ulama Meeting – It was felt that convening a national meeting of Ulama at this stage may not be feasible given the discordant environment within Ulama ranks. Uucsa (i.e. the BOGUS entity) will instead focus on building its national profile by embarking on the following:

Uucsa (i.e. the BOGUS one) will also look at expanding its membership by ensuring that we have adequate representation from each of the provinces, together with adequate representation from within each province.  Moulana R. Mahomed of the JUKZN will coordinate the uucsa outreach programme, whilst Moulana AK Allie will liaise with each of the affiliate members to determine which, if any, of the organizations they would recommend from within their respective provinces for membership to uucsa (i.e. the BOGUS entity).”

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