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ICSA Pork Bones

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A miserable, paper entity called ICSA (Islamic Council of South Africa), lacking entirely in credibility and validity, operates as a carrion-halaalizing vendor issuing  haraam ‘halaal’ certificates to halaalize  meat products  sold by kuffaar establishments. The haraam boodle is the lure. 

North Beach Spar in Durban has advertised “halaal” swine bones. The logo of the ICSA outfit appears clearly emblazoned on the plastic bags containing the pork bones. The insipid statement of apology issued by Spar serves no purpose whatsoever. “Halaal” Vark (Pork) – halaalized by the logos of SANHA, MJC, ICSA and NIHT is now a perennial occurrence. Each time, it was a customer who discovered the swine sin committed by the kuffaar business outlets halaalized by the confounded illegitimate progeny of Iblees. The halaalizing shaitaani body, ICSA in this case, is solely responsible for the intolerable so-called “mistake”. “Mistake” has become a convenient crutch for leaning on in every swine sin debacle.

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13 Zil Qa’dh 1435 – 8 September 2014


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