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Water in Planes

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"NBC 5 Investigates obtained photos, taken by Food and Drug Administration inspectors at Texas airports. In some photos you can see slimy residue growing on the nozzles that supply airplane water. Dirty hoses can put bacteria in the tank, including coliform and E.coli.

'There's faeces in the water if there's E.coli in the water, and that's not a good thing,' said Brenda Wiles, who manages a lab in Fort Worth that is certified to test aircraft drinking water."

The tea and coffee which you  relish in a plane may be a blend of  coffee/tea, filthy water and faeces. Even non-Muslims are increasingly expressing abhorrence and sounding  danger alarms regarding the diseased foods and beverages served in airplanes. Yet Muslims bend over backwards in order to discover and fabricate justification for consuming the diseased filth.

The safest for health – physical health and spiritual health –  is to carry your own lunch and bottled water when travelling by plane. Reliable experts have frequently reported on the disease and filth which planes carry and transmit. A little self-denial (mujaahadah) against the inordinate, gluttonous demands of the nafs should be instituted to control and suppress such bestial desires which damage the body and the soul.

Muslims are supposed to be magnetically drawn to only  what is Halaal and Tayyib, and to shun with abhorrence whatever is contaminated, doubtful and haraam. The Qur'aan Majeed in many places exhorts consumption of only Halaal and Tayyib. When you happen to be in a plane and crave for coffee or tea, reflect a bit on the faeces you will be ingesting. That should be adequate to eliminate the bestial desire.  Filth and haraam 'food' are the effects of satanism. Warning us of this satanism, the Qur'aan Majeed states:

"O People! Eat from the halaal and tayyib things of the earth and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan, for verily, he is your open enemy. He only instructs you with immorality and evil, and that you  fabricate about Allah what you know not."

If, due to spiritual blindness you are unable to spiritually visualize the spiritual poison of  the E.coli filth of the plane, and the spiritual damage flowing in its wake, then at least  'meditate' on the physical faeces you will be devouring  and ingesting when you consume the faeces-filth of airplanes.

13 Zil Hajj 1435 – 8 October 2014


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