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A Deeni-conscious, concerned pupil at the Al-Azhar primary so-called 'islamic' school, disgusted and complaining about the haraam activities polluting the school and the pupils, wrote:

"Moulana I will now state if not all the haraam, most of the haraam which takes place in shaytaan's institute, the so-called 'Al-Azhar Islamic' school. Firstly, the worst and most shameless thing which  takes place there, is the intermingling of sexes. Males and females who are baligh converse and interact  openly and freely.  I honestly won't be surprised if any haraam illicit  boyfriend and girlfriend type relations take place.

In my class the teachers often make us do group works with the opposite gender and if we complain. If we complain, it is not put into consideration.  I have complained to a teacher about a seating plan in which a girl and boy were right opposite each other and yet he did not change the seating plan. Even once during a test a 'sheikh' stated, "If you talk, I will put you next to a girl. " (This is the response of a shaitaan in human form – The Majlis)

I have complained to the schools HOD and many other teachers regarding this matter.  When I asked an 'aalim' in the school about all these haraam interactions taking place in the devilish institution, his response was, "This issue is very sad for us. It often makes us cry but what can we do, the school is too small to separate the genders." Also he exclaimed, "Even if we put a brick wall separating the girls and boys, they will still interact, if not in school then on their phones." Now Moulana, are these valid responses. As a Muslim I feel that these responses don't carry any weight whatsoever. (The responses most certainly are not valid. The 'moulana' working in such a zina environment in which he is an active participant and promoter of zina is the brother of shaitaan. – The Majlis)

Shouldn't a person rather abandon working in that immoral place, instead of shedding mock tears and 'crying' over the haraam taking place there? (Yes c- it is haraam to work in a school  which promotes zina flagrantly – The Majlis) Also the students make you an object of ridicule if you tell them. "DON'T COMMIT ZINA!  DON'T TALK TO EACH OTHER!" They will either blatantly ignore you or laugh at you. This is the condition of the future generation.   (When you proclaim the Haqq, then you should be prepared for criticism and ridicule. All the Ambiya were subjected to such treatment. – The Majlis)

Also the iblees, accursed school has employed non-Muslim female teachers. Once in a lesson the kaafirah said: "Some religions and cultures permit husbands to hit their wives, it should be understood that this is totally wrong no matter what religion you follow." The students like baboons then started howling "THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN ISLAM!," as if they are  authorities of  the Shariah. (There is nothing Islamic about this school of shaitaan where  kuffaar can propagate their kufr to Muslim children – The Majlis)

Also the females go into the masjid. Once I went to the masjid to engage in some ibaadah, I was shocked to see that there were females there, they were having a chat and eating in the masjid! I said you can't come in the masjid, they replied, "What's wrong with us being in the masjid?" I told them it is haraam for females to attend the masjid. But since they refused to leave, I left. (Their attitude is evidence for the kufr in their hearts. These miserable specimens of Satanism are not Muslims  -The Majlis)

Also the cleaner of the masjid is a female and every day they vacuum the Ibaadah.  (And even those who run the evil school are not Muslims. If they had any Imaan in their hearts, they would not have been able to tolerate a kaafirah who perpetually wallows in the state of janaabat to be inside the Musjid. –The Majlis)

The masjid is also often used for drama lessons, and for school assemblies in which both genders attend. Not to mention the behaviour of the children in the masjid, one can't concentrate in the sunnah salah with the amount of noise they make. In this horrible, shaitaani institute, not only do they dishonour shariah, they also dishonour the masjid.  (The Musjid's la'nat – curse – settles on these unfortunate, miserable people operating the den of Iblees. – The Majlis)

The school uniform is a horrible insult to Islam, they make the boys wear horrible blue topis which look like circus hats and we have to wear grey socks. If we don't wear grey socks then we can get in to trouble but for males to wear garments which dangle not only below their ankles but on the floor is fine for them. The females uniform is shockingly immodest, it is more immodest then the boys uniforms. The girls there don't even wear their scarves properly. Leave alone observing Hijaab, the school has nothing to say about that.

They also have a TV in the office! They indulge in photography and sometimes do so without the person's consent.  There is also the grave liberal, un-Islamic influences of liberal and corrupt sheiks who say that moulood is halaal, Rainbow chicken is halaal and photography is halaal. Not to mention all their haraam Spring Fares etc.

One 'aalim' instructs us to write the Qur'aan while he reads, thereby causing much disrespect to Allah Subhaabahu wa Ta'ala's sacred Kalaam. I have literally seen students throw the book in which they write the Qu'raan. Also this 'aalim' on few occasions has made girls who  experience haidh enter the masjid with the entire class.  (Such sacrilege is meaningless for Brother of Shaitaan. –The Majlis)

I don't want to remain in that school for even a second longer, but my parents compel me to remain in that shaitaani school until the end of the year. "

(End of letter)

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:  "There is no obedience for any one in anything which involves disobedience to Allah." Baaligh students who are conscious of the Deen do  not have a valid argument for  attending the school of shaitaan. The argument that parents are compelling them, is not valid, neither here nor in Qiyaamah. If parents instruct  their children to jump into the fire, the latter will not obey. But when parents instruct them to jump into the Fire of Jahannam, then the children present the  baseless argument of 'compulsion".

An adult (baaligh) child who disobeys  his/her parents  by refusing to attend the haraam, zina, shaitaani school, will be abundantly rewarded by Allah Ta'ala. Remember that a Muslim's first allegiance is to Allah Azza Wa Jal. Parents have to be obeyed only in  whatever is lawful in terms of the Shariah.

Since Muslims do not understand the value of Imaan, the abhorrence of  sins and the  severe punishment of Allah Ta'ala, they are prepared to  despatch their children to Jahannam by bartering away their Imaan and destroying their Akhlaaq for the worldly benefits  promised by secular education. As long as secular education is achieved, parents are satisfied regardless of the evil and immoral consequences to their children.

Muslim sounding names adopted by these satanic so-called 'islamic' schools, are shaitaani camouflage for  the fahshaa and munkar in which these schools of immorality specialize.

"Do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. Verily, he is your open enemy. He only instructs you with immorality and evil, and that you fabricate about Allah what you know not."


16 Zil Hajj 1435 – 11 October 2014


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