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We are inundated with letters of complaint and disgust by Hujjaaj who are appalled at the shockingly immoral standing urinals which the Saudi regime has introduced in the holiest locations of Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafaat at the behest of its American master.

In full view of the public – men and women – males with their full frontal satr exposed stand like animals urinating in the contraptions of shaitaan installed by the Saudi so-called 'Khaadimul Haramain' (the so-called Servant of the two Holy Cities). The public urinating scenario is absolutely unbelievable. To contemplate male Hujjaaj standing in droves with their lower ihraam sheet pulled up to expose their Satr to release their load of urine in full view of even females is absolutely ghastly – too ghastly for adequate verbal expression.

King Abdullah is supposed to be the Custodian/Servant of Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah – the holiest, most sacred and purest regions on earth. The situation prevailing on the occasion of Hajj in the Holy Places clearly demonstrates that he is not qualified to be the Custodian of the Holy Cities. The malpractices and vice are not limited to these filthy satanic kuffaar-type urinals which have reduced to animals those Hujjaaj who shamelessly utilize the contraptions of shaitaan. There is a range of unacceptable evils which have bedevilled the Hajj, and this bedevilment is by order of the king who bootlicks his American 'protectors' out of mortal fear for the Shiahs whose avowed resolve is to install themselves as the rulers of the Haramain Shareefain. Instead of prostrating in obedience to Allah Ta'ala, the Saudi king with his regime is prostrating and bootlicking the U.S. master.

But the way to thwart and demolish the Shiah threat is not to bootlick the Americans and to crawl into the "lizard's hole" in blind and stupid imitation of their immorality and villainy. It is only Allah Ta'ala who can protect and save. It is only He who grants honour and afflicts with disgrace. It is only He Who grants political power and Who snatches away kingship, rulership and sovereignty.

The Saudi regime has understood that the writing is on the wall for its demise. It is therefore insanely bootlicking America and imposing the haraam, filthy and immoral western culture on Muslims.

How is it possible for claimants of Imaan to allow these filthy lewd standing urinals in public where every vestige of shame/hayaa is extinguished? There is no option even for females but to pass by the males standing in full view of the public with their private organs exposed releasing their torrents of urine.

Last year we had written letters of complaint to the king and to several government departments including the Saudi embassy. This year the Hujjaaj report that the urinals have increased vastly in number, and so have the scenes of private-organ exposure. It appears that in succumbing to the orders of the U.S.A., the Saudi regime is bent on dehumanising and de-muslimizing the Hujjaaj at the cunning behest of its kuffaar advisers. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) whenever on a journey, would go to such a remote spot for urinating that he was completely hidden from the eyes of people. Today his followers, acting in total conflict, expose themselves lewdly and immorally in the public in heinously shameless displays of animality – like donkeys urinating in public. 

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: "Haya (shame/modesty) is a branch of Imaan." Public urinals is a complete negation of the haya which should be an integral constituent of Imaan. It denudes Insaan of all haya, thus reducing him to a sub-bestial level of shameless immorality. Use of these shaitaani contraptions makes impossible the preservation of Tahaarat. The garments are soiled with urine. And so are the hands. The ihraam garb is soiled with urine splashes. According to the Hadith, most of those who are punished in the grave are people who are careless with urine pollution – urine splashes. Hence, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: 

  "Beware of urine (splashes), for verily punishment in the Qabr is generally on account of it." 

   The immoral act of standing and urinating in public is the act of the kuffaar and shayaateen, and also of the animals. The Mu'min is not expected to degrade and debase himself and even put the devil to shame by acquitting himself like a donkey or a beast standing to urinate in public without a care in the world. What a sight will it be to see King Abdullah and his henchmen standing with their secret 'royal' organs of shame exposed and displayed for the public eye of both sexes?

  If the king finds these filthy lewd urinals of shaitaan acceptable, then justice demands that he visits the Holy Places and practically demonstrates the acceptability of urinating in the urinals with his ihraam pulled up to facilitate the satanic exposure of his royal Satr-e-Ghaleez to attract public acclaim and ovation.

The king and all those responsible for the haraam, immoral standing urinals which have sacrilegiously destroyed the holiness of Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafaat, and debased the recites of the Kalimah, should hang their heads in shame or better, have tanks to accumulate the urine in which they may get lost and be drowned to purify the Holy Places from their satanic presence.

23 Zil Hajj 1435 – 18 October 2014

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