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Temple Feast

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“Please comment in the light of the Shariah on the recent feast for Christians in a Cape Town Mosque.”

OUR COMMENT: The reason for the frustration of Muslims in this regard is due to a colossal misunderstanding. Since the kuffaar sect has described its temple as a ‘mosque’, Muslims are extremely annoyed over the haraam actions committed in the so-called ‘mosque’.

Haraam acts are committed in Christian churches, Hindu temples, Jewish synagogues and places of worship of other religions. But Muslims have no objection and are not annoyed at the activities taking place in temples and churches. So why are Muslims piqued when haraam activities such as a Christmas feast, are held in the temple of the newly established kuffaar sect in Cape Town?

The reason for Muslim anger is the misunderstanding created by the term ‘mosque’ used by the kuffaar to describe their temple. The place where the feast for the Christians has been served is not a Mujsid. It is a venue of kufr, shirk, fisq and fujoor.

The constitution of this country allows all types of ideologies to operate freely. Thus, Satanists too enjoy

the constitutional right to drink urine and devour faeces in their places of worship. Muslims should not be concerned about the haraam activities of kufr, shirk, fisq and fujoor which are the rituals of the kuffaar sect which operates the temple which is deceptively dubbed ‘mosque’. Perhaps the Ulama in Cape Town should explore the probability of applying to the court to prevent the kuffaar of this temple from their deception of calling their Satanist place of worship a ‘mosque’.

10 Rabiul Awwal 1436 – 2 January 2015


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