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A Concerned Brother from Gauteng narrates the following  disturbing  story of a fraud, crook and scoundrel leeching on female ‘patients’, ruining their morals with his adulterous advances and dalliances.  Names have been changed.

“As your organization has the ummah’s welfare, at heart, and fostering community and family ties, I considered it appropriate to inform you of a deceptive, scheming, hoax aamil who also happens to be an ‘aalim’. He is destroying the very fabric of society, tearing it apart thread by thread, leaving behind him a trail of broken homes and mentally scarred children.

His name is, Sangoma M (Qualified at a local Uloom), a 27 years old married man residing at number-    …….Road, in Lenasia, Johannesburg. His parents are Abdullah and Faizah …… who stay at no. ……… Gauteng. His wife has separated from him and is demanding a divorce after finding out about his illicit, haraam affairs and zina perpetrations.

His unfortunate patients, including young married and unmarried na-mahram women, are seen and treated by him in private without their mahrams. These women with their sicknesses and own personal problems find his shoulders, and other body parts, readily available to rid themselves of their sorrows.

In steps, this fraud, adulterer and beast of prey, makes a morsel of the distressed, and gullible female patients, trapped in his snare of ignominy and zina, and entrusted to his care by unsuspecting relatives.

He is involved in an adulterous affair with a married woman, Abeda ……… of Marlboro in Johannesburg, for two and half years already. Her husband is Mohamed …….. who, I think is unaware of his wife’s extra-marital affair. Then, at the same time he contracts a haram zina affair with another patient, a married woman again, named S…. P…. , with two children. This haraam relationship lasted for approximately six months until he was caught out by his entire family.

This evil, despicable scum was, during the month of Ramdaan, from the Mubarak lands of Makkah & Madina, sending messages of love and zina to his mistress. But by the decree of Allah, he blundered and sent a haraam zina message to his own …….. family group. After six months of adultery, when he was exposed for his zina villainy, he married S…….. only after returning from Umrah. He lied and duped all his family to believe that he was already married.

Sad to say, his father, mother, brothers and sisters believe him, and are justifying and supporting him in his sins, fraud and deceit. In less than three months he divorced S, the marriage lasting less that her period in iddat!!!!!!

If you need to verify the above information you may contact S’s father, F…. a of Greenside on (phone number provided).  You can also contact his first wife’s father M P…… at work on (number provided) or at home on (number provided), who will confirm the truth. I have heard he has the proof of his son- in-law’s   zina affairs.

Besides this, he was having a zina encounter with an unmarried woman from Australia, once again a patient, whose name is Malihah and contact number is Australia is 061 40……….. She is a relative of the …….. family of Roshnee, Gauteng. You can contact Y……. on (number provided). After the haraam tryst, she apparently fell in love with him and wanted him to further respond to her advances.
The Ummah has to be saved from the traps of this evil, lecherous adulterer who should urgently be stopped in his tracks before he ruins more lives. At present, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing he is continuing with his trade of lust, unchecked. You are learned personages who know best how to deal with the situation, but it is my plea not to leave unwary women to walk into his lair and become the prey of this filthy, immoral beast parading as an ‘aamil’ and an aamil’.     Salaams         A Concerned Muslim”  (End of letter)

More and more of these frauds, deceits and immoral  scoundrels, cranks and quacks masquerading as ‘aamils’ and ‘aalims’ are being exposed. These disciples of Shaitaan are prowling in the community setting up their snares for ambushing and entrapping unwary and ignorant Muslims, especially women.

However, those who fall victim, or who allow themselves to become the victims of the scoundrel sangoma, are not free of blame. The ‘patients’ too, especially the females, are indirectly conniving with this immoral devil to prostitute themselves.  These women are not mad. Despite being naaqisaatul aql (of deficient intelligence), they are not so stupid as to fail to understand the acts of immorality he perpetrates with and on them.

A woman who commits the blunder of seeking the sangoma’s services believing him to be  a genuine aamil, does have sufficient brains to immediately  understand any zina advances which the immoral deceit makes. She allows him freedom to commit his acts of zina. Surely, she cannot be such a colossal moral to gain the idea that the sangoma’s zina advances are part of the treatment for whatever ailment she has. The females falling in the traps of these agents of Iblees cannot be exculpated. They are not innocent. They play their role in aiding and abetting the haraam filth of the witch doctor (sangoma) pretending to be an ‘aamil’.

The public should understand that today it is almost impossible to find a genuine aamil to diagnose and treat problems related to the occult realm –jadoo (magic, and the like). The objective of these frauds and scoundrels is money and zina. A woman who is prepared to submit to the vile zina treatment of the evil sangoma in privacy, portrays tendencies of prostitution. The natural, Imaani Haya of a Muslim female is a strong natural inhibition and guard against acts of turpitude and moral depravity. So when a confounded fraud ‘aamil’ initiates any act of immorality, she is supposed to immediately spit in his face and raise a hue and cry to expose the scoundrel sangoma. 

Muslims should beware! Focus the gaze and the mind on Allah Ta’ala. Do not become the stupid victims of these scoundrel sangoma-aamils who prowl around to rob you of money, honour and mortality.

7 Jamadiyuth Thaani 1436 – 28 March 2015


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