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The Plight of the Juhala

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The Plight of the Juhala ‘graduates’

The following is the justified lament of a concerned brother.

“It is a sad state of affairs that today's young Darul Uloom 'graduates' (difficult to call them Molvis) strut on to the musalla at the time of Imamat. Their strut demonstrates their arrogance and pride as if to say to the musallis we are superior to you, yet they know it not that in every movement and every nuance of theirs, the discerning eye can see a bloated ego.

They have no tact when delivering naseehah to the elderly talking to them with disrespect and disdain. Their general insincerity is demonstrated by use of a microphone for Fajr Salah, when there is only 2 saffs; the reason given is so that the ladies at home can listen. And what is the Shar'i purpose of the ladies listening to your Qirat at home, dearest Imam? Are you trying to allure them with your sweet voice, dearest Imam?

These Imams Jahri Salah is considerably longer than their Sirri Salah, clearly demonstrating riya on their part. When they perform their Sunnah Salah in the Masjid it is far shorter than the Fardh Salah. The question is why such a huge difference? The answer is obvious. They walk in last or from the back so that everyone can see that MashaAllah this is the Imam.

They also require a thick musalla on an already thick carpet, such that the firmness of the ground cannot be felt in Sajdah. Who knows if such a Salah is even valid? Some of them recite Qunoot Nazilah for several weeks, Fajr thereby lasting 15min, with no consideration for the elderly and those that struggle to keep Wudhu.

They perform long loud Du'a on the microphone with no care in the world that they are disturbing the masbooq. No, this does not bother them. The ladies at home must hear their beautiful Du'a in a melodious voice. It matters not to them that the Sunnahs should be performed immediately after a very short Du'a.

After Salah they have loud congregational dhikr with one of their nabaligh mureeds rendering a nasheed merely for entertainment purposes. The nasheed has no impact on the heart and no tears are shed. This is a clear demonstration that emulation of pop artists in the Masjid is taking place. These young graduates have forgotten that the purpose of Masjid is the Ibadat of Allah, not a public entertainment venue. If anyone tries to tell these young graduates anything, they throw their toys out of the pram.

Nowadays these spiritually nabaligh graduates are acquiring 'unofficial mureeds and khadims.' With the dearth of sifat in the young graduate, you can well imagine the bankrupt nature of these unofficial mureeds and khadims. If this is the future then it is very bleak for future generations. Allah Ta'ala save us all.” (End of lament.)

These juhala graduates are Signs of Qiyaamah.

17 Sha’baan 1436 – 5 June 2015


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