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In a display of truckling bootlicking, the deviate MJC (so-called Muslim Judicial Council) of Cape Town proffered kufr support for the kuffaar Shiahs. In a statement which the Bootlicker issued regarding the bombing of a Shiah temple in Kuwait, the MJC stated the following kufr: 

(1) That those who were killed in the Shiah temple were ‘Muslims’. But, every Muslim who has even a smattering of correct Islamic Knowledge knows that they were not Muslims. They were kuffaar Shiahs. Lest it be misunderstood, we state with clarity that our condemnation of the bootlicking, mudhil, i.e. MJC, in no way whatsoever  should be construed as condonation for the heinous act of the bombing/killing executed by the agent of the U.S., viz., the surrogate ‘caliphate’ known as ISIS. Our concern in this comment is the kufr of the MJC who has repeatedly demonstrated its treachery to Islam.  SHIAHS ARE NOT MUSLIMS.

(2) The MJC agent of Iblees making a dua for the Shiah kuffaar said: “We pray that Almighty God..........and that those who have passed be granted the highest place in paradise.”

Allah Ta’ala had explicitly and emphatically forbidden Nabi Nooh (alayhis salaam) from supplicating for his kaafir son, and Allah Ta’ala had forbidden Nabi Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) from making dua for his kaafir father. Yet, this bootlicking deviate entity, the MJC, consisting of vile scholars for dollars, treacherously and audaciously supplicate for kuffaar. It is haraam and kufr to make dua for deceased kuffaar. 

The kufr statement of the deviate MJC has a despicable objective, and that goal is its craving for boodle which the Kuwaiti government doles out to bootlickers. The intoxicated gaze of the MJC is focussed on Kuwaiti boodle, hence these miserable scholars for dollars lick the boots of all those who are arraigned against the Deen. 

Decades of halaaizing carrion and pork has deranged their brains with Rijs (Filth) as the Qur’aan Majeed states: “Thus does Allah cast RIJS on those who have no intelligence.” The carrion has deranged their brains, hence they fail to distinguish between Imaan and Kufr. It is indeed revolting that those who claim to be Ulama are so dastardly stupid and polluted in their brains and hearts that they are unable to differentiate between Imaan and Kufr. They lack in the basic understanding of the requisites and fundamentals of Islam. 

The MJC scholars of dollars specialize in two evils: 

(1) Halaaizing carrion, and (2) Hydrophobia, i.e. they have an inordinate fear for water in the toilet. These chaps have as yet not acquired proficiency in masaa-il of Istinja. 

This does not mean that these are their only flaws. Islamically, the MJC is corrupt from head to toe - rotten to the core. Fisq, fujoor and kufr have become their outstanding attributes. 

Muslims should note that Salaat is not valid behind any of these MJC sheikhs who promote Shiah kufr or any other brand of kufr. The whole miserable lot of scholars for dollars are Shayaateen in human form in terms of the Hadith. They are the fuel of Jahannam. They have betrayed Allah Azza Wa Jal, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the Ummah and Islam. And, this betrayal is for the sake of the haraam boodle which comes in the wake of bootlicking the kuffaar and bootlegging by halaalizing carrion. May Allah Ta’ala save the ignorant masses who are labouring in satanic deception in consequence of MJC ‘fatwas’ of kufr.

15 Ramadhaan 1436 - 2 July 2015


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